How to Choose Cabin Rentals in Gatlinburg for Your Honeymoon

Gatlinburg has become a favorite honeymoon vacation spot for many newlyweds across the U.S and it’s not hard to see why. The city is home to some of the most wonderful scenery you’ll come across in the country.

In addition to its spectacular views, Gatlinburg has plenty of shops, restaurants, and fun attractions that are great for couples. All in all, it provides the perfect mix of fine dining, relaxation, and adventure in the great outdoors, making it a great honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

But even though you have agreed to share a life together as a couple, you may have some difficulty agreeing on which cabins you should choose to spend this special time together. If so, you shouldn’t panic. Here’s a tell-all guide to help you find ideal cabin rentals Gatlinburg that will tick all your boxes.

1. The Location of the Cabin

The whole idea of renting a cabin is to get extremely close to nature. All the same, you may want to book a cabin with quick access to main roads so you won’t have to do much offroading.

If you prefer a secluded cabin that will give you much-desired peace and quiet, you should go with a 4-wheel drive so you can reach the cabin with ease. If you plan on going during winter, make sure you carry snow chains to wrap your tires so you can gain better traction while driving.

You also need to consider if you’re going to spend your time within the cabin area or you’re going to visit other attraction sites in Gatlinburg.

2. The Scenic Views

As highlighted earlier, Gatlinburg has plenty of scenic views and so, it’s only natural that you go for a cabin that will give memorable views that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Try and do a bit of online research of the area to find great cabins. Check out their websites as well as travel influencers’ blog reviews to get a pictorial glimpse into what awaits you at your preferred cabin.

Keep in mind that if you want to see a clear, starry night, you need to find a great place far away from the city lights.

3. Will You Be Bringing Your Pets

Seeing as it is your honeymoon, you might want that special time just to yourselves. But many couples travel with their pups for many reasons.

For one, having your cat or pup with you as you officially start on your journey together can set a great benchmark for you as a family. Secondly, your dog will enjoy running and playing around in its new surroundings.

If you will be bringing your pet, try and look for pet-friendly cabins.

Looking for Cabin Rentals? Gatlinburg Will Have You Spoilt for Choice

Gatlinburg, TN, is, without a doubt, among the best places you could have as your family destination. From the beautiful mountain views to the hiking trails on the Smokies to the rustic cabin rentals, Gatlinburg really does have it all.

Just factor in the tips listed above and remember to keep it within a budget you’re comfortable with.

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