How to Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Giving a surprise to your beloved by proposing will certainly make her happy. You can book a reservation at a restaurant and give a surprise. Well, you can also cook dinner or go to some romantic spots to propose. But if you want to make her more delighted, you must purchase the perfect engagement ring. You can choose the most beautiful moissanite engagement rings.

As per an article, moissanite is becoming popular as an alternative to diamonds. What’s more, it is the second-largest gemstone in the world, with a rating of 9.25. If you still have no clue about the moissanite and don’t know how to choose them, you can read further and learn about it.

What is moissanite?

The moissanite was used in the 1990s as fine jewelry. Although it is very similar to diamonds in appearance, it is rarer and more brilliant than any other gemstone. Due to its brightness and unique qualities, moissanite is an incomparable beauty.

Furthermore, you can find them at a reasonable price. After all, diamonds are expensive but purchasing moissanite is affordable. What’s more, you can afford a large stone with the setting and shape preferred by your significant other. What makes this stone more special is that it is eco-friendly, lab-grown, and conflict-free.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

As mentioned earlier, moissanite is rare and consists of brilliance like no other gemstone. So, choosing the perfect engagement ring is easy if you keep the below tips in your mind.

  1. The shape of the moissanite: Surely, you must have heard about the popular diamond shapes attainable in the market. Similarly, moissanite can be available in those shapes or cuts. You can have a round brilliant, marquise cut, princess, emerald, cushion, and so forth. Whichever you choose, it entirely depends upon the choice of your significant other.

Instead of asking her directly, you can talk to her friends and gain some information about her favorite shape. If this strategy doesn’t work, you can look for popular shapes in the market. One of the most popular shapes includes the round brilliant. Every bride is fond of this fire-like brilliance of a shape.

If your lady love likes a bit of vintage and antique style, you can search for moissanite engagement rings with a marquise shape or cushion cut. Emerald-cut moissanite is an excellent option since the ring will look bigger and better. You can search for the princess cut rings for a classic and elegant look.

  1. The color of the moissanite: Since colorful gemstones brighten any girl’s day; you can ensure that purchasing moissanite in a different color will make her ring look marvelous. It is all thanks to the technology used in creating them.

You can find colors such as pink, gray, green, and blue. If your significant other is not fond of colorful stones, you can certainly opt for a classic look. So, you can pick the colorless or clear moissanite. Although colorless is a preferred choice, you can look for what best suits your beloved.

  1. The clarity of the moissanite: When you opt for moissanite engagement rings, you can ensure that they are completely flawless. Sometimes, there can be tiny flaws in the stone, which are not at all visible to the naked eye. So, you can purchase this beautiful lab-created stone and make it a perfect engagement ring for your significant other. What’s more, choosing colored stones might not provide you with the flawless appearance you want.
  2. The carat weight of the moissanite: As you know, diamonds are measured in carats. But when it comes to moissanite, they are measured in millimeters. If you are looking for a ring with brilliance, it is better to purchase a larger stone rather than a small one.

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