How to choose musicians for a wedding: an interview with a cover band Romanoff Show

Where and how to choose a cover band for a wedding? What should you pay attention to? How to choose a song for the first dance? Wedding talked to Alexei Romanov, a member of the Voice show, lead singer and producer of the Romanoff Show cover band , who gave a lot of useful advice.

Where to start looking for musicians for a wedding?

– Live music has a stronger effect on the viewer, and your favorite compositions, performed with high quality in an original or non-standard arrangement, will decorate any event. My subjective opinion is that music at the event plays almost the most important role, it is she who creates the mood and atmosphere. The choice of a cover band should be given the utmost attention. First, decide on the requirements for the musical group.

– Should there be a male or female soloist in the group? Or would you like to hear both male and female vocals?

Where and how to find a cover band?

– Perhaps the easiest way is to search the Internet on your own. If you search in Yandex or Google, I recommend not to limit yourself to the five groups that appear on the first lines, but to study three or four pages of search results. Be sure to go to the band’s website, read the description, look at photos and videos, giving preference to live clips, recordings on which you can hear the real sound of the band, and not a studio recording or phonogram. There is a large selection of groups in Moscow, they all differ in level, presentation, repertoire, opportunities and experience.

Almost all of them declare a high level, a wide repertoire, an interactive program, but in fact, far from all of them really correspond to the declared level. Therefore, it is better to supplement the independent search with the recommendations of those who have already used the services of cover bands.

Name a couple of tracks that would be appropriate for any wedding.

– I don’t presume to advise, as everyone has different tastes. And what can be considered classics in most weddings can be completely unacceptable for a particular couple. If you need musicians for your wedding party then you will need to know about brisbane wedding musicians.

How much does it cost to start looking for musicians for a wedding?

– It is better to do this no later than 3 months before the start of the wedding, since the teams in demand may already be busy if you do not take care of booking in advance.

What advice do you have for those who choose a song for their first dance ?

– Focus on your own feelings. If you can choose music for dance breaks or for welcome, focusing also on the tastes of your guests, then choose the music for the first dance in such a way that you like it first of all. It’s great if it is a MP3 song that is related to pleasant moments in your personal history or music that characterizes you as a couple. You can trust the group to perform the first dance.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of musicians?

– Attend a live concert or an open band rehearsal. Explore the group’s portfolio and testimonials. Pay attention to the experience of the participants and their personal qualities. Check out Instagram. But do not pay much attention to the number of views and likes, now it is easy to wind up, focus on your own feelings and opinions of people you trust.

We know that you have your own team – the Romanoff Show. Tell us about it. What can you suggest for wedding events?

– After the show “The Voice” I decided to create a team. And not just a cover band, but a whole show capable of surprising even a sophisticated audience. I managed to put together a really cool team. For all of us, work on stage is more than work. It is our life! In our show, every detail is verified, from shoes, which are tailor-made for each musician, to our branded numbers, on which the best choreographers worked.

Thanks to the presence of two wind instruments (trumpet and saxophone) in the composition at once, we can play jazz and lounge at the beginning of the wedding. In addition, we perform beats in the style of the Frukty group at Vecherniy Urgant, accompanying key moments of the holiday, for example, the appearance of newlyweds. We are the first completely dancing band in Russia, in which not only soloists dance, but all musicians as well.

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