How to Choose the Best Security Doors for Your Home?

With increasing crime rates in Australia, it is critical for families to identify strategies to strengthen their defence at home. In case of a break-in, your door will be your primary defence, therefore you should strongly consider putting in a high-quality security door.

In this post, we will go over some helpful hints to keep in mind while selecting a security door. Understand how to achieve the greatest return on your investment by selecting the right security door from Page Doors for its purposes.

Choose Australian-made security doors.

You must first discover if your security door is made locally or not before acquiring it. Although importing security doors may be less expensive, there are several factors why a locally-made door is preferable. We guarantee you that you won’t be sorry if you try the reliability of the service firsthand.

You aren’t going to jeopardize your money and valuable time by purchasing from another country and having problems afterwards. It is preferable to buy nearby and contact Page Doors to ensure an easy and seamless purchase. You can also go for the stylish and secure folding doors. These 5m bifold doors are good in appearance and safe as well.

Examine the quality certifications

Businesses can create a security door in two ways: cheaply or professionally. The unpleasant fact is that numerous firms make shortcuts simply to save money. Certain providers create security doors using subpar materials, and such goods are known to lead to problems and challenges later on.

Examine the certificates of your provider if you wish to verify that you’ll be buying a security door made of premium materials. Approved security doors have undergone collision, knife shear, and fire testing and satisfy Australian Standards for durability and robustness.

For corrosion protection, pick powder-coated doors.

Instead of purchasing a painted security door, it is preferable to choose a powder coated model. It is important to note that paint doesn’t quite keep up well in the heat of the sun, and because a painted door is not heat resistant, you may have to spend more effort maintaining it.

After a hot dip galvanisation process, security door manufacturers often powder coat the material. This frequent approach has both advantages and cons. Powder-coated security doors do still have anti-corrosive properties; nevertheless, this does not guarantee that the powder coating will remain intact for many years.

The powder coating’s durability is determined by the environment in which the door is placed. It is critical throughout this situation to select a door as a whole down to the smallest parts. Your door will remain corrosion-resistant for many years as you care for it appropriately.

Good-quality handles and locks

Of course, handles and locks are critical elements of successful security gates. As a result, you must choose a source that sells items with locks created by reputable firms, such as Page Doors. If you are unsure about the brand’s quality, simply check that the door you purchase comes with a solid guarantee.

It is also preferable to select a security door with mortice locks rather than surface-mounted ones. The core of the lock must be placed inside a lock box or the structure of the door. This design assures that the locks cannot be readily removed by slamming them with a hammer.

Select weld-on hinges.

The type of hinges used determines how smoothly the door operates. Most security doors use timber butt hinges, but high-quality security doors feature welded pin hinges to the mounting frame.

Because the frame is fastened to the wall, they provide enhanced strength. Bulkier security doors feature pin hinges that can sustain their entire weight.

However, if you want to buy an aluminium security door, be certain to select one with butt hinges that have a pin that locks into the door’s structure.

Select a style that would be appropriate for your home

Please be sure to choose a security door from Page Doors whose appearance and function best reflect your own taste and preferences. Whenever guests visit or walk by your house, one of the initial things they notice is your door.

It’s no surprise that it expresses your character and approach to life. If you’d like to make a public statement, a well-designed security door from Page Doors is the way to go. They are the best in doing security doors for every home.

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