How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for a Reclining Sofa

When choosing the perfect coffee table for a reclining sofa, it is important to consider the space’s size and the sofa’s style. Coffee table for reclining sofa is not that hard to find; you can even find something perfect. You might want something that can fit on multiple occasions. Once you have decided on your needs, it is time to start shopping. But here are some tips to make it an obvious matter.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Coffee Table

You need a coffee table that suits your reclining table. The following tips will help to find the best possible match between these two items:

  • You just have to know what to look for.

So what should you be looking for when searching for a coffee table for reclining sofa? Here are some tips that will make that decision easy for you to make: 

  • If your sofa can recline and you want to use the space underneath it, then the best option is an open base. 
  • If you’ve got a reclining sofa, that’s another thing that could affect how big or small of a coffee table you need. 
  • If there are ample armrests on your armchair, then chances are they’re going to take up some extra space. These include the space where people normally place their feet. That means less room available for tables! 
  • Make sure there’s enough room between where your feet sit and where those arms end.
  • Look at the arms of your recliner.

First, decide on the size of your coffee table. Here’s how you do it – 

  • Take a look at the armrests of your recliner.
  • If there is enough space for a coffee table to fit comfortably, that’s great! 
  • If they’re too close for comfort, look for an open-base coffee table instead.
  • Be sure to measure the space where you plan to put it in your home. 
  • Storage coffee tables are available in many sizes and can hold everything from magazines and newspapers. 
  • Measure your space before buying a coffee table that has storage. So, that you know whether or not it will fit.
  • Find a table that has an open base.

Want a table that can be easily pushed under the sofa? Look for one with an open base. This will allow you to push it underneath the sofa when not in use. 

Not all tables come with this option. You might need to consider another type of coffee table if your sofa doesn’t have the space for an open-base table.

Open bases usually cost more than closed bases. But at least then,  extra storage space won’t be needed!

  • Choose furniture with similar styles.

When picking out furniture, remember that you don’t want your coffee table and recliner sofa to clash. They’re both going to be sitting in the same room. 

Choosing furniture of similar styles will make your home feel cohesive and not disjointed. For example, you might have a more traditional looking couch and arm chair with fabric upholstery. A modern-style glass coffee table would look out of place next to it. Instead, Try pairing this type of furniture with something like an end table made from reclaimed wood or metal side tables.

The same rule applies when choosing reclining sofas. You can’t just buy any random piece of furniture and expect it to work well with what you already own! While there are some exceptions, most people shouldn’t do this before anything else. They should first think about how they want their homescape as a whole to look before making any purchases at all.

  • Consider the height of your recliner.

When choosing a coffee table for your recliner, you’ll have to ensure it’s high enough to be comfortable. It should also be low enough, so the table doesn’t get in the way of your feet on the floor.

But how do you know what height is right? Here’s how:

  • First, consider how tall your sofa is when fully reclined. 
  • Then, think about how much space around the sofa there will be. If it’s placed against another piece of furniture or wall and leaves only a small space between them once the sofa is folded up. 


The perfect coffee table for a reclining sofa is stylish and functional. Not all coffee tables are similar. So selecting one that will fit your needs and style is essential. I hope, this article will make that easier for you.

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