How to Choose the Perfect Electric Shower


Poor Showers are uncomfortable because you have to snuggle beneath a stream of warm water before getting drenched in cold water when a neighboring tap is turned on.

Make sure you purchase a fantastic showers that you will like using every day, whether you are remodeling your bathroom or adding an en-suite.

This guide will assist you in making the best decision, regardless of whether you want a high-end power shower or are searching for a budget shower.

What kind of water system do I have?

The sort of water system in your home is the first thing you should think about when purchasing a new shower. The models you may pick will be impacted by this. Any water system will function with an electric shower, but you’ll have fewer options for mixer showers, which depend on a steady supply of hot water.

What Are Electric showers?

Cold water from the mains enters an electric shower and is heated by an element, much like the element in a kettle. The water is forced through the shower head once it reaches the proper temperature (based on the heat setting you’ve chosen).

The kilowatt (kW) rating of an electric shower is an important factor to take into account. These typically vary from 7kW to 10.5kW, and the greater the rating, the stronger your shower will be (although you may notice that in winter when the colder water takes longer to heat up, performance might be reduced).

The following factors need to be taken into account if you’re replacing an electric shower and wish to upgrade to a more powerful unit:

Is your home’s water pressure sufficient? Triton, a maker of showers, advises that a minimum pressure of 1 bar be used with 7kW showers and 1.5 bar with 10.5kW models.

Can your electrical system handle the power? For a 7kW shower, Triton suggests a 32A fuse or circuit breaker, and for a 10.5kW unit, a 45A fuse or circuit breaker.

Is the electrical wire large enough to reach the shower? For a 7kW shower, Triton advises using a 6mm cable; for a 10.5kW unit, a 10mm cable is advised.

Who should use electric showers?

Since electric showers utilize cold mains water and are independent of the kind of water system in your home, anyone may have one installed.

They are frequently the shower of choice in homes when the hot water produced by the boiler is insufficient since they produce their own hot water.

They may be used in situations other than this one, though. An electric shower could be appealing even if you have a high-pressure system that produces lots of hot water, especially if you are building a new bathroom. This is due to the fact that connecting a new shower to the existing cold water supply is sometimes significantly simpler and less expensive than rerouting hot water lines.

Choose an electric shower because…

They are not only rather simple to install, although we always advise hiring a competent tradesperson for this, they are also cost-effective to run because they only heat the water you will really need.

Due to the fact that they contain their own internal heating element, they may continue to function even if your boiler is malfunctioning.

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