How to Choose the Right Footwear for Safety?

Safety holds a paramount place in any occupation. Workers are suggested to follow specific safety precautions and use high-visibility jackets, gloves, hats, etc. to protect them from injuries during the job. But, when it comes to feet, they don’t pay attention.

Consequently, they end up injuring their feet. Sounds painful? No worries! Because we won’t let you suffer from pain and live a miserable life. Want to know how? Safety shoes are the answer.

A pair of nice safety shoes lets you work in a harsh and unfavorable environment. But, for that, you need to know the types of safety shoes first. That is why we’ve prepared a guide that will not only make you acquainted with types of safety shoes but also help you pick the best pair of safety shoes. So, stick to the reading till the end.

Different Types of Safety Shoes

It’s your right to feel safe regardless of the occupation. Give a read to the following footwear guide and make sure how to choose the right safety footwear by evaluating certain criteria.

There are 5 different types of safety suits that meet the requirements as per working environments:

1. Safety-Toed Shoes

Safety-toed shoes are a special kind of shoes with a special covering at the toe area to prevent mishaps. They are designed to reduce foot injuries in their respective work environments. Safety-toed shoes are manufactured to be worn by workers in factories and mills where there is a need to handle heavy equipment. Also, they are worn by workers in the organization where there is a high risk of falling objects and reduces impact and compression.

Given below are the advantages of safety-toes shoes:

  • Prevents feet from falling objects.
  • Have a special covering at the toe area that protects your toes.

2. Steel Insole Shoes

One who has to operate trucks and ride bikes during their job is more susceptible to foot joint problems. Thus, safety shoes with steel inserts help to stabilize the foot and prevent it from moving and shifting around too much.

Steel insert shoes help in keeping joint problems at bay so that the worker can focus on his task. In addition, these shoes are most suitable where there are high possibilities of the presence of sharp objects like glass, nails, screws, etc. lying on the floor.

The puncture-proof sole makes it easy to work in such dangerous scenarios. They are generally used in construction sites and stray metal sites.

Here are the advantages of steel insole shoes:

  • Keeps foot and joint problems at bay.
  • You never know what dangerous object you are stepping on due to a puncture-proof steel sole.

3. Metatarsal Shoes

Metatarsal shoes protect metatarsal bones present in the foot. FYI, metatarsal bones are those connecting distal aspects of bones to the five phalanges of the foot.

Metatarsal shoes protect bones from the harm of falling or moving objects. They are specially designed for extra safety and prevent the foot from becoming extra safe.

Metatarsal shoes protect the foot up to the laces, providing an additional layer of security. They are most suitable for warehouses.

There are the following advantages of wearing metatarsal shoes:

  • They protect metatarsal bones.
  • Additionally, metatarsal shoes help in protecting higher up the foot.

4. Electric Hazard Shoes

Need not to mention that electricity is the biggest hazard for workers working in areas with high voltage. Thus, safety shoes also need to be shock-proof. Electric hazard shoes are specially manufactured to prevent the wearer’s feet from electric shocks. These shoes by Kameymall have soles with an electrical resistance that goes a long way in terms of safety from electric hazards. These types of shoes are generally used in areas with a number of electrical devices and those operating on high voltages.

Now, know the advantages of electric hazard shoes:

  • Protects workers from shocks when in contact.
  • They have a long run in terms of safety.

So, these were the types of safety shoes. Now, let’s make you aware of the criteria used to select the best pair of safety shoes.

How to Choose the Best Safety Shoes?

Consider the following things while selecting safety shoes:

  • Protection: It is the first element to consider while choosing safety shoes. So, choose the one according to your working environment.
  • Comfort and Durability: The second thing you need to consider is comfort. Make sure that the one you select is comfortable as well as durable.
  • Get the Right Fit: You can’t ignore this factor as choosing the right fit not only makes you feel comfortable. It also provides you with the best safety.

Bonus! If you are a sports person, you need to select the best pair of safety shoes as per your sport. Also, if you are a fan of fun-loving sports, buy a zorb ball to add fun along with safety.

Final Words

That’s all about how to choose the right footwear for safety. Signing off with the hope that you’ll be able to pick the correct pair of safety shoes with the help of this post.

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