How to Clean Countertops

Cleaning countertops the wrong way, even if you do it often, can end up being detrimental to the surface. Over time, this can really take a toll on your kitchen. The same thing goes for not cleaning them at all, of course. Naturally, finding that perfect cleaning method is a must. The first thing that you have to account for is what exactly the countertops are made out of. There are plenty of countertops out there that are laminated and made to look a certain way. Don’t let that fool you. You need to be using chemicals that don’t wear out the laminated part too much. Also, if it were to bleed through, you don’t want it to damage the actual structure.

Cleaning Methods For Countertops

Some of the simplest methods to clean countertops involve using dish soap and water. This is going to be a perfectly good cleaning method for after daily use with most countertops. Again though, it really comes back to the first point we made. Make sure that your countertops handle water well. Real marble countertops are not something that you want to use too much water on for example. There are different additives that can be used to clean these types of countertops. If you have a rougher type of countertop, then you may also want to add some cleaning tools to your arsenal to help you out. The countertop could turn out to be mean to your trusty rag or sponge that you like.

White vinegar is one of the common things used for cleaning kitchens. Word of advice: use some gloves in this cleaning procedure. Better yet, you can book cleaning services from a professional company. They are likely to be better equipped to deal with these types of cleaning procedures, especially if you’re not sure what type of chemicals will damage or help your particular countertops.

How Often Would They Need A Thorough Cleaning?

Countertops are typically areas that you’re going to find yourself cleaning on the regular. Even if you use a board to chop things up, there’s a chance that the countertop is going to get dirty as you cook. Kitchens usually have a knack for looking dirty regardless of how much cooking you do also! Even opening a window can backfire. As it could contribute to a lot of dust build-up in the area. If you’re confident in your everyday cleaning services skills, you could hold back the thorough cleaning for a while.

Again, if you’re not too confident in your own cleaning methods it could be a good idea to call a company that offers house cleaning services. Oakville has some good options to offer. That way you can forgo the process of applying the vinegar yourself. It can certainly be a pain in the eyes, when you have to do that type of cleaning. We do have to reiterate that the key to all of this, is knowing what type of surface you’re cleaning. Going through a trial and error process to find out what works for you can end up ruining your countertops. That’s not the recommended way to do things.