Clearing Your Blocked Drains – Top 5 Tips

A drain blockage can happen to any home or business at any time, especially when the drains aren’t being cleaned as much as they should be. Whether you’re dealing with a high water level in the toilet or you are noticing an unpleasant smell from your outdoor drain, you have to do what you can to unblock the drains as quickly as possible. You may need a plumber to look at severe blockages in your kitchen or bathroom, and there are plenty of ways that you can clear out a blocked drain for good. A blocked drain can cause damage in your home, so let’s take a look at several ways that you can clear a blocked drain.

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Using boiling water

It’s the fastest way to unblock the minor issues in the drains of your home or business. Running boiling water down a drain is going to unblock the immediate issues, and it’s always better to make sure that your pipes are metal before you do this. Boiling water will help to push down anything blocking the drains before you have to do anything more drastic.

Natural and chemical cleaners

The drains of your home can benefit from natural cleaners first and foremost. Using baking soda with boiling water and white vinegar can help you to unblock the drains from even the most minor blockages. Organic cleaners clear your drains really well, but if they don’t work for you, you may need a plumber to look at severe blockages and they can use caustic cleaners to help.

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A simple plunger

There are plenty of options on the market but the cup plungers are designed for use in sinks and drains, and if you need to, you can use one to dislodge immediate issues in the drain. You can get one from any hardware store and use it any time you believe there may be an issue with your drains.

DIY/Plumber drain snakes

You can snake the drains inside and outside on your own but it can help to use a professional drain snake from a plumber if you’ve never used one before. These move down the drain and allow you to unhook whatever is blocking the pipes. You can then pull up the blockage to ensure that you are getting the pipes as clear as possible.

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CCTV/Hydro Jet/Pipe Relining/Excavation

To get your pipes to remain unblocked, you may need a plumber to look at severe blockages and they can use methods like hydro jets and CCTV drain inspection. When the cause of the blockage is found, it can then be fixed. If the pipes have collapsed, they will need excavation and relining. CCTV drain inspections can give a high tech look into what’s going on through the pipe system.

Call a plumber to check for severe blockages

The best thing that you can do for your home or business drainage issue is to get some help. While you can fix the minor issues yourself, you may need a plumber to look at severe blockages for you.