How To Create Online Courses?

If you have been related to the education system in the last two years, then you will be knowing at least a little about what an online course is. Even if you don’t, worry not, in this article, we will be discussing online courses and the various aspects related to the same. This will help you in understanding online courses and creating online courses. We will also find out how to promote your business on social media after creating the same. We will look at who can create an online course and who can attend classes using these courses. We will also talk about some of the major benefits of the online courses that have gained immense popularity in the last two years of the online system of education being in effect. 

In March 2020, the pandemic situation worsened around the globe and all places of mass gatherings had to be shut down with immediate effect. These included education institutions of all types as well. Now that there was no certainty on when classes would resume and how the education of the students would continue, a new system had to be created and used around the world to ensure that the pandemic did not majorly affect the education of the students and the academic cycles for the year. This is how the online education system came into effect and all the activities related to education switched to the online mode. Teaching, learning, classes, exams, presentations, projects, group discussions and even the extra-curricular activities of schools and colleges could be conducted online using the various platforms that were launched to support education and the activities related to education online. Since all these activities could be done as teachers and students were at home and there was no need to assemble in the same place at the same time, this system became more flexible for all. 

As we talk about flexibility, we move towards the introduction of the online courses that we will talk about here on. When the online education system came into effect, live classes were conducted by teachers and the students had to attend the same as and when the class was conducted. This class was conducted in real-time and a fixed schedule had to be followed for the same. This was not very flexible and the pandemic was a tough time when it was not always possible for everyone to be present in the same virtual space at the same time. Live classes started being recorded and uploaded by the teachers for the students to watch later in case they missed their classes. Slowly, recording lectures and sharing them for studying became very common and this is the basic structure of an online course. 

An online course is a set of recorded lecture videos along with the reading material, worksheets, questions banks and other course content and additional resources links. These courses are created by the teachers and shared with the students who can later watch these videos at their own pace and learn as and when they find it convenient. Online courses were first created only by teachers but later professionals from various fields with expertise in various topics started creating such courses for sharing their knowledge and experience. So was the case with learners. Not only were these courses used by students but professionals and freshers took up these courses to upskill and learn more. This helped them have an upper hand at their place of work. 

When it comes to social media marketing  instagram marketing strategies plays an important role. The teacher or the course creator must choose a platform that is common among the students and also easy to use. They must also choose a platform that offers the tools for creating the course as this will make their job a little easier and help them create content compatible with the platform. Selling online is not difficult. You can use your social media platforms to promote and sell the courses. Some teachers also offer free short videos on popular streaming platforms to advertise their courses and hence sell better. You can also sell online courses to students across the globe and benefit the students who are looking forward to learning more. 

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