How to cut pomegranate quickly

How to peel pomegranate

Method one

  1. Take a pomegranate and wash the surface.
  2. Use a knife to cut a circle along the edge at 7 cm from the top.
  3. Remove the top cover, you will find that there are white flaps between the pomegranate petals. Use a knife to cut along the flaps. (Don’t cut too deep or too thoroughly, so as not to damage the pomegranate seeds)
  4. Gently break it by hand and divide into six parts.
  5. Take the container and peel the pomegranate seeds.
  6. It is easy to peel a whole pomegranate.

Method Two

  1. Take a pomegranate and wash the surface.
  2. Use a knife to cut across the center position.
  3. Break it by hand and divide it into two halves.
  4. Take a larger and deeper container and pat the back of the pomegranate with a spatula or spatula. The pomegranate seeds will quickly fall off into the basin.
  5. It can be peeled very clean in less than a minute or two.

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Method Three

  1. Also take a pomegranate, clean the surface, and cut it across the center with a knife.
  2. Take half of the pomegranate and put it in a basin filled with water. (The water must be under the pomegranate)
  3. Peel the pomegranate seeds in the water. Peel it with confidence, the pomegranate seeds will not go bad at all.
  4. After peeling, pour out the impurities floating on the water.
  5. Prepare a large spoonful of pomegranate.

Many people give up this kind of fruit because they feel the effort to eat pomegranate, but they don’t know that the pomegranate is full of treasures.

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How to peel pomegranate to clean and not stick to hands

Many people like to eat pomegranate, but the pomegranate has thick skin and full fruit. The hard pomegranate skin does not even have a gap. It makes people embarrassed if they don’t know how to start. If you don’t know this, you will get pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice is the fastest to color on clothes, and it is stained with stubborn colors that are difficult to wash off, but don’t be afraid. now I will show you how to peel pomegranates.

The method of peeling the pomegranate is to use a knife to gently draw the pomegranate from top to bottom along the dividing line of the top pedicle, not too deep, so as not to cut the delicate skin of the pomegranate seeds and then trim off the top pedicle. You can dig down and dig the middle core. The last two hands should be like breaking a steamed bun. You can easily break the pomegranate (because the outside has been divided with a knife, you can break it into the size you want when you eat. ) The method of peeling pomegranate. The nutritional effects of pomegranate: 1. Pomegranate helps digestion, resists gastric ulcer, softens blood vessels, lowers blood lipids and blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and other functions. 2. Pomegranate is also believed to be a fruit that can purify dirty blood and swallow it with seeds, which also helps digestion.

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Features of pomegranate: 1. The shape of pomegranate is unique, the fruit is round, the outer skin is hard, and the 100 seeds are sweet and squeezed in the skin, the grains are crystal clear, the color is bright, like agate, crystal, very seductive, pick up one In the mouth, the sweet juice will overflow with the light touch of the teeth.

How to peel pomegranate quickly?

  1. Prepare a pomegranate
  2. Cut off a part of the top part, my pomegranate skin is very thick, so the top skin can’t be removed by the circular method, just cut it, but fortunately it didn’t hurt a few seeds
  3. Make a knife along the filmy area of ​​the pomegranate, almost to the bottom.
  4. It can be easily divided into 5 parts with one click. If you think that the tutorial only ends here, then you are very wrong.
  5. Turn the opened pomegranate petals upside down, with the peel facing up, knock with the back of the knife, and the pomegranate seeds will all jump down obediently, very relaxed
  6. In the end, only the individual stuck in the innermost area needs to be solved by hand

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The steps of the strongest method of peeling pomegranate in history, how to make it delicious

he strongest method of peeling pomegranate in history is to use a knife to lightly cut a circle towards the pomegranate. Be careful not to cut to the pulp, just cut the skin.

Then prepare the wooden spatula and the bowl for pomegranate by breaking it in half by hand. You can use other kitchen tools without a wooden spatula, but the best effect is to hold the pomegranate in your left hand with the wooden spatula as shown in the picture, with the pulp facing the palm of your hand. I took the wooden spatula in my right hand and started to tap the pomegranate with the wooden spatula. The wooden spatula flattened the skin of the pomegranate. The left hand held it on top of the bowl as before, so that the pomegranate seeds that fell while slapped fell into the bowl because I was taking pictures by myself. So when one hand is used to take a photo, only pictures can be used to demonstrate the action. Soon the pomegranate seeds are all falling down. The pomegranate seeds are distinct, and the pomegranate seeds should not be touched with the hand during the whole process. You can’t just tap one position when tapping, you need to change the position. See where the pulp is before taking pictures. .

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