How To Decorate Your House With Custom Led Neon Lights?

Decorating with neon lights has become a big trend, so right now we are going to give you some tips so you can decorate your home with stylish custom led lights. Neon lights have been used in recent years for all kinds of home decoration, for example, small pop light accents or forming letters or drawings to decorate any corner.

This is because, along with lamps and luminaires, neon has become a decorative resource that offers a large number of possibilities. For this same reason, we can currently find a large number of alternatives to traditional commercial neon lights. This is where companies like Letsmneon come into play, which designs and manufactures custom led lights.

Choosing Right Design

Having said that, we are going to see the first key point that we must follow, and that is to get the right neon light design. Keep in mind that, although at first glance this may seem like a somewhat youthful decorative element, they have a certain versatility that allows them to be integrated into interiors with more classic or serious decoration. Obviously, to do this correctly you have to get the right neon design.

On the other hand, you can use neon signs to decorate various corners of the interior of your home. Regarding this point, it must be taken into account that some typographical neon custom LED lights, due to their words or phrases, can be very humorous if they are taken out of context. However, there are neons with drawings that are usually much more fun if they are placed in preferred places, such as the headboard of the bed, the sofa, or the dining room.

Color Combination

Another good tip is to correctly combine the lighting and color of your neon. However, for this to happen they have to be mixed with colorful colors or patterns. Although they can also work very well combined with metallic elements or placed in front of a mirror.

Now regarding which colors to use to decorate with neon lights, both white and blue are very good options, as they combine well with any style. If we use colors like pink or yellow, these are more striking, so they are good if you are looking for a daring interior design.

As for decorative styles, UK neon signs are quite popular. They work perfectly in all interior designs, if we choose a more minimalist and discreet design; they will work perfectly in any interior. On the other hand, it should be noted that neon lights can be a good alternative for people who want to add something more to the framed alternatives.

Right Places

Another good point if you are thinking of decorating with neon is to place them in passageways and not so much in the room where we spend the most time. In fact, if you place it in the room, make sure it is something not so flashy. This is because the powerful aesthetics of neon lights can tire our eyes right away.

On the other hand, when placing them make sure that the space is large enough, so the neon lights will not consume the entire room. Please note that other decorative elements may be overshadowed by the strong neon light.

Finally, we remind you that these are suitable for textured or patterned walls, although it is quite common to see them attached to smooth walls. However, you can achieve very good results if you put it on brick walls or wallpaper.

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