How to Differentiate the from the Fake Vertu Phone 

There are two sorts of Vertu copies available. The first kind of fake phone is one that just looks like a well-known model. When this gadget is considered in the context of the surrounding environment, it is not difficult to conclude that you are holding a bogus premium mobile device.

Seeing the names of the phones, on the other hand, is all it takes to eliminate the need for further evaluation. So, let’s have a look at some of the points over which we can distinguish the fake model from the genuine one. 

  • Size and design – Another key factor in determining the authenticity of a Vertu replica is the size and design of the phone, which may differ from the settings of the original. All that is asked of you is to compare the picture of the genuine Vertu smartphone with the photo of the purportedly forging and determine how honest the vendors are with one other. The second sort of counterfeit Vertu is precise replicas of the originals. 

A copy Vertu may be difficult to distinguish from an original if one looks just at the visible indicators of its construction. Forgeries of the second kind are designed to be as accurate as possible to the originals’ design down to the slightest detail. However, this is generally where the likeness stops. There are no duplicates of the premium phones, and the design and functionality of the luxury phones cannot be totally replicated.

  • Quality of translation- When purchasing a phone from this brand, you’ll need to switch it on and check the quality of the translation; only in this way will you be able to determine its authenticity. Because the vast majority of counterfeit Vertu products are manufactured in China, the translation into Russian is not in the finest of shape. 
  • Check the name- Check the names of the menu items; they are the most often encountered mistake, which implies that you should check them before you fake.
  • Functional capabilities- Frequently, the functional capabilities of several copies of the originals are compared. One indication of a bogus item is the presence of a “contact the Concierge” button on the side of the item. This button either does not operate or does an entirely another purpose.
  • Sound quality –  “Fake” melodies have a poor sonic quality as well since they are frequently distorted and quiet. In the last instance, take a glance behind the battery cover: if you see characters in the Chinese language, then say “Hello?” once again.
  • Scratched body – the majority of the time, scratches emerge when the phone is in use, and models made of precious metals are particularly vulnerable to scratches.
  • A blurred coating on the keys- This effect is only noticed in counterfeit Werth models, and not in the authentic versions. The original keyboard is made of steel or ceramic, and it is well-known that it does not have a protective covering that may wear away.
  • Scratches on the screen- Because the original screen is protected by a plate made of sapphire crystal, the likelihood of it being scratched is almost eliminated, in contrast to ordinary glass, which is used to make Vertu replicas.

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