How to enlarge your penis

The internet is full of many avenues to use for penis enlargement. There are many ways of achieving this, from using pills to using extenders. These ways claim that they increase the girth and length of your manhood. Do these ways work? Many men worldwide get worried about having small penis. Professor Kevan Wylie is a sexual medicine consultant. He suggests that men with issues of their manhood size should seek medication. Online resources like offer ways of handling manhood problems. In this article, you will get both surgical and non-surgical ways to enlarge the penis.

Traction devices

These devices aim at increasing the penis length via the stretching of the penile tissue. You place a small weight on a flaccid penis to gently stretch it. As per the 2010 scientific review, these extenders are not inferior to penile surgery. Many studies have investigated the effectiveness of these traction devices. They show that they can lengthen a penis by one to three centimeters. Participants have to wear these devices for between four and six hours every day. Researchers say that surgery can improve the results of this method.

Vacuum devices

Vacuum devices have a tube that fits on the penis. You pump out the air to create a vacuum that draws blood into your penis to make it swell. Many people use these devices to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. There isn’t enough scientific evidence to show that the method is effective.

Lotions and pills

Many diverse creams and pills promise to increase your penis size. These creams and lotions have different minerals, herbs, hormones, and vitamins in them. The method lacks enough scientific proof that they increase the penis size.

Penis surgery

Penis surgery includes two main types. Penile augmentation involves the injection of fat cells into your penis. The purpose of these is to increase the width, girth, and also length of a penis. Surgery has some risks and side effects. They include the distortion and swelling of your penis. Though rare, severe cases will mean the removal of the entire penis. Check out this

Another penile augmentation method is grafting fat cells from your body. Experts then add the fats to your penis. The method is less invasive and increases the penis size by 2.65 cm in 12 months. However, in some people, the surgery can result in a loss of 20 to 80 percent new volume within one year of the surgery. It means that these individuals will need multiple surgeries to get the desired size.

In the second type of surgery, the specialist has to cut the suspensory ligament. It anchors a penis to the pubic area during an erection. When they cut the ligament, it changes the penis angle, making it appear longer. Removing the suspensory ligament increases the penis size by three centimeters. The satisfaction rates are low between the partner and the patient. The removal of the supportive ligament makes penetration to be more difficult.


Many men worldwide are anxious about their penis sizes. It results from the many enlargement techniques and products in the market. Before you use any of these options, it’s good to see a sex therapist or a doctor.

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