How to File a Car Accident in Alabama

Bygone are the days when having a four-wheeler used to be regarded as a luxury. Thanks to the availability of car loans, a four-wheeler is now within reach for a common man.

If you own a car, among the first things you need to get prepared for is an accident on the road. Even when you’re a very keen driver and always follow traffic laws, you won’t know when you might get involved in a car accident in Alabama.

In such an unexpected event, among the first things, you will need to know about is to file a case in Alabama. And to help you do everything right, here is what you need to do:

1. Hire an Experienced Attorney

Following your car accident, you might not be in a better condition to know what you should do next. This is basically the most important period, and you shouldn’t afford to make any mistake since everything you do will determine the future implications and outcome of the case.

Fortunately, the best Dothan auto accident lawyer will be ready to guide you in every step, from talking to eyewitnesses to filing a case, negotiating with insurance firms, and gathering evidence at the accident scene.

2. Know the Statue Limitations

All the states in the US have a timeframe to file a car accident lawsuit. When it comes to Alabama, you will only have two years from the time you got involved in a car accident to file a lawsuit against the negligent party.

Failure to do so means you can be barred from getting compensation. Most accident victims don’t take the right steps to file a case since they think that two years is long.

However, the truth is that period is not long. Before you file any claim, investigation, medical records review, and evidence collection will all be necessary.

Plus, your attorney may need more time to evaluate when it is the best time to file a lawsuit. With catastrophic injuries, the outcome for victims might not be known in some cases anxnr .

3. Determine Who Is Liable

An insurance adjuster will do everything possible to determine who is at fault by carrying out investigations, looking at the police report, speaking with the people involved, visiting the scene, and reviewing damages on your car.

Unfortunately, even when things are clear that the other driver is at fault, this might not be the end of the story. Until you determine who is liable, you may not be able to file a car accident case to get compensated.

4. File the Claim

Drafting the first complaint for submission to a court needs an overview of a car accident and suggestions for compensation.

In that case, your car accident attorney can help you collect pieces of evidence, review your accident, calculate an acceptable settlement amount, draft the first complaint, and ensure proper filing.

To Wrap-Up!

Being a victim of a car accident that someone caused might feel like a double whammy. Because of that, you won’t just deal with medical bills. You will also have to deal with lost income and damaged property. This is why it is important to file a car accident case if the other party’s insurer acts in bad faith.

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