How to Find Cheap Boilers Online

Are you looking for a low-cost combi boiler but aren’t sure where to begin? Although you may find cheap boilers, it is not wise to replace your boiler every few years. How can you tell which boilers are reliable and affordable?

We compared the prices of some boiler models and compared them with those made by premium boiler manufacturers to save time. Below are our findings. We compare boiler prices and list the most affordable boilers available. Finally, we will discuss installation costs. We will also discuss the top boiler brands and recommend 2 models.

What Is An Affordable Combi Boiler Price?

The best combi boilers at a low price are reliable and affordable. They will cost between £700 and £1,000. This is for the appliance alone. Prices for installation are around £2,000. This price includes all taxes. 

Choosing a Right Cheap Combi Boiler: Reviews and Recommendations

There are many brands to choose from and each one offers a few different ranges so it can be difficult to find the right central heating boiler.

The following are some of the most well-known combi boilers in the UK:

  • Vaillant EcoTec
  • Baxi 600
  • Worcester Greenstar I
  • Worcester CDI Compact
  • Ideal Logic Plus
  • Potterton Titanium

Problem is, the best models don’t always come at the lowest price. There are two products that really stand out if you have the cash.

The best cheap combi boilers

Below, we’ve highlighted 2 new boilers deals — the Ideal Logic Plus and the Baxi 600.

We believe they are the most affordable combi boilers on the market. They offer great value for money due to their long warranty, efficiency, and reliability. They are comparable to boilers that cost between 10 and 25% more, and they are made by the most well-known boiler brands in the UK.

How to save money when installing

You’ve done your research to find the most affordable boiler for your home. Next, find a heating engineer who can install the boiler. We have some tips to help you save on boiler installation costs.

Installation of a combi boiler will cost you between £500 to £1,000 on average. If the installation is particularly complicated, it’s possible to increase the cost by up to £1,000.

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