How to Find Flexible Work – A Handy Guide from Shiftsmart

If you’re tired of lengthy commutes, workplace turmoil, and rigid workday hours, it’s best to start looking for a flexible job suitable for you or consider restructuring the roles and responsibilities of your current position. When you structure your flexible job hunt properly from the beginning, you may speed up the search and be earning freely and at your own pace before you know it.

Be Responsible With Your Commitments

Enjoying employment flexibility (i.e. the ability to work when, how, and where you choose) may be enticing, especially when you’ve never experienced that kind of liberty in the past. While most individuals pick it up quickly, there is a learning process to get greater control over your calendar. So, talk to individuals that already live a flexible work lifestyle that is similar to yours to learn how they did it. You’ll pick up some useful insightful knowledge and can be better equipped once you do find the job you’re searching for. Use everything at your disposal and employ devices to help you manage available and lined up work, and this is where apps like Shiftsmart come to the fore and take over the stresses of keeping track of more than one line of work or shift.

Figure Out Your Expectations

According to who you consult, the term “flexible employment” may suggest a variety of things. Some people think of flexible employment as a telecommuting position, while others think of it as an admin role that enables you to work on your own time.  A third individual may believe that flexi employment entails job sharing or freelancing.  So, when you begin to look for flexible employment, define what that means to you. Would you like to work in an office with some flexibility in terms of when your workday starts and ends, or would you prefer to work from home over a rigid or flexible period? Knowing this may enable you to focus your job hunt on work that meets your personal and professional needs.

Shape Your Current Position For a Better Fit

Perhaps you’d want to retain your current work but increase the flexibility to allow you to live the life you want or need. If that’s the case, put up a very well-thought-out presentation for your employer. You should handle this proposal with much the same thoroughness and care as you would a client pitch. You shouldn’t simply ask for it on the spur of the moment. Prepare a comprehensive, formal request outlining the specifics of the agreement. It’s essential to handle issues such as your accessibility for team meetings and other essential duties.

But no matter if you are looking at molding your current job into one you can have a little more control over, or if you’re looking for a fresh start, make sure to keep clear lines of communication going with your current or prospective employers. Flexibility is a two-way street, so you may need to be willing to flex a bit too and do the odd job you wouldn’t normally do. After all, you can never be satisfied if you never voice your ideas and opinions.

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