How to Find the Best Deal When Buying a Brand-new Watch?

We all tend to negotiate when we are about to buy things. This is applicable for purchasing watches as well. If you want to build your own watch collection without spending a fortune, you should be an excellent negotiator. Everybody wants what’s best for themselves, but sometimes we can’t have it unless we can persuade the person we’re working with it to give it to us. Being a skilled negotiator might be the distinction between getting a great bargain on a watch and overpaying for one.

Although you won’t always have to haggle to receive the timepieces you want to exchange at your desired price, you almost always will. Here are some of the best tips that you can follow in order to locate the best deal when buying a brand-new men’s watch.

Play around with the emotions of the seller

To bargain pricing, play on the seller’s emotions. Every time you bargain, this won’t be feasible. However, it will sometimes occur, which will make it extremely profitable for you. You may take advantage of the seller’s motivation for selling their watch if you find out more about them. For instance, if they are selling off their collection to get cash because they are divorcing, it might be a tremendous advantage for you. It’s obviously unpleasant to desire to profit off other people’s problems, but that isn’t the purpose. You must maintain your composure and recognize that by offering to help them receive the money they need, you are truly helping them.

You are really offering value and obtaining the watch at a fantastic price if you make an offer that is higher than what a jeweler would. Therefore, you may be able to utilize those feelings to work on pricing and take into account the seller’s demands when you ask the seller why they would be selling the watch and you discover more about them. Never hesitate to pose probing inquiries. It’s OK and within their rights if they choose not to share anything with you. But if you go around and ask around enough, you’ll discover some excellent offers since you can take advantage of their emotional need when you make a purchase.

Focus on BATNA

Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement, is an acronym you should be familiar with. A BATNA is a figure that you mentally settle on as the highest price you’ll accept when buying a watch. Let’s imagine, for instance, that you come across a $10,500 Rolex Diver Date Ceramic model. And let’s suppose you are aware that the goal price is $7,000 for one. You are prepared to spend up to $8,000 with one that is a full set since you are aware of their high demand and the ease with which you can likely turn a profit on one. Your best option is that $8,000. The starting point for the agreed price is not there.

It depends on where you’re willing to approach. This puts us in a strong position if you can ascertain it before the discussions begin. It provides you with a strategy and guarantees that you maintain discipline while attempting to reach a bargain. People can get emotional during negotiations and end up paying too much as a result. By putting a BATNA in play, you may still feel as like you are winning the sale even though you are paying more than your goal price.

The nicest aspect is that you know it’s preferable to back out of the purchase or try again later if indeed the seller just won’t reach your BATNA amount. By exercising restraint, you will do better when purchasing timepieces that are only offered at a price that makes keeping them in stock worthwhile.

Understand the kind of vendor you are working with.

Dealers, wholesalers, individual sellers, and normal folks all exist. If you go on sites like eBay, Chrono24, or forums, you can often determine what kind of vendor you’re dealing with by doing some research. You can determine whether they are selling plenty of watches, other great products, or nothing by looking at their other available inventory for sale. You can factor into how to contact them to purchase timepieces at target price by attempting to understand the sort of vendor you’re working with.

By avoiding spending time with merchants who are most likely never going to provide you what you want, you may sometimes even spare yourself a headache. It usually isn’t worth your effort to attempt to get that item at a wholesale cost if, for instance, the individual selling a highly sought-after Rolex is simultaneously selling 500 other watches.

Why would a merchant ever let go of merchandise that quickly sells to someone else for full retail price for considerably less? Magnus King says you shouldn’t spend your time on it since it doesn’t make sense. Not that purchasing through dealers is not an option. If you understand how they work, it may be a terrific method to purchase. They prefer customers who are eager to purchase many timepieces at once as well as those who would like to buy the inventory that they don’t enjoy waiting on (bundle deals). You may thus approach the transaction more shrewdly if you are aware that the vendor fits your kind.

When haggling with a private seller, the discussion usually takes a different turn, and the objective is to win their confidence by demonstrating that working with you is preferable than dealing with tire kickers and jewelers who would offer them considerably less money.

Final words

Now you are aware about some of the most proven tips on how to get a brand-new watch without spending a fortune. Pay attention to these tips and look around for the perfect watch. You will surely enjoy following these tips to have a perfect collection of wrist watches.

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