How To Fire Up Romance Using Face Emoji

At this modern age, emojis have been momentarily increasing in numbers as the technology continues to advance. We can feel the convenience it brings to us by just a single tap. It also lessens overused words like “Love” or “Money.”  It also helps us in expressing our feelings or emotions instantly.

We have to admit that in a face to face conversation, we are more likely to be misunderstood.  Using emoji makes our conversation simpler but more defined. It results in the same feeling or emotions as we express it face to face. Emoji are an essential tool for those in relationships, mainly to fire up romance or other social interactions.

Think Face Emoji

We should think a lot before we decide on things that matter to us. Most of the time, couples have a hard time deciding where to eat and where to go because of too much familiarity. How will it be used to fire up romance? Using this think emoji might make your partner feel excited about the plans you have in mind. For example, it’s your scheduled date night, sending this Emoji before you see each other might spice up your partner’s imagination on what you will be doing.

It will also make them feel enticed or puzzled that may lead them to the excitement. This Emoji will also make them feel that they are valued, that all that you share with him/her, like ideas, problems, feelings, are being taken into deep contemplation. Making your partner feel valued is one of the essential things in a relationship.

Heart Or Love Emoji

Well, this Emoji is one of the most apparent Emoji that you don’t need to explain further once sent to your partner. Maybe before, it was “I Luv you, “143” or “I love you from the bottom of hypothalamus” which is an overused word. But now, it is simplified but the same emotion by merely sending a tiny heart picture. 

Yeah, love makes the world go round as they say, but this Emoji makes it more. Why? Not just because the heart emoji is too cute but who doesn’t like expressing love in a very creative way.  When you love someone, you make sure that you put effort so that your relationship will never be boring.

Flying Kiss Emoji

With a wink of an eye, kissing lips followed by a small heart can also deliver a sweet sensation to your partner, or to whom you want to be parted with. It may also be used to desire a kiss from your partner, especially to partners who did not see each other for a long time. It might also mean something extraordinary is happening in bed tonight.

The flying kiss emoji can also be used differently; it can be very intimate, depending on how you use it. It can also be used as a parting kiss, goodnight kiss, thank you kiss, appreciation kiss or if you want to cut a conversation without offending your partner or ending it but still with a touch of sweetness.

A Face Smiling With Many Floating Hearts Emoji

This emoji look may vary on the platform you use because of the heart placement, but they still convey the same meaning. When you see this Emoji, you feel that you are being loved too much or overjoyed.  It will also be a good response when your partner did something great, and you appreciate them.

We all know that love also means appreciation. If you know how to appreciate your partner, they are more likely to do the same way and give more importance to your relationship. For instance, when your partner is at work, Sending this Emoji would ring a bell to them that you are there to support them in what they do.

Heart Eyed Face Emoji

This Emoji is almost the same as the heart emoji, where it connotes the same meaning – Love. The only different thing about this Emoji is it has a heart-eyed cat version. It is also a heart-warming response when you receive a favor. We must remind our partners that they are being loved every day to make sure that the spark never ends.

In A Nutshell

People live for love, some people lose themselves, and some become more of themselves all because of love. We can’t live without love, may it be love from a mother to a child, your spouse, your friends. But, how you sustain that kind of love in this fast-pacing world will really matter, and Emoji has become a big part of it. 

Maintaining a relationship with your partner and keeping the spark alive with your partner has been an enormous challenge to some couples, especially those who are together for quite a long time.  Thanks to this Emoji, it strengthens the bond you have with your partner in just a click away.

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