How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone

Smartphones have changed the way of communication. Now it is not just limited to the messaging, call, and media. So, in this article, I am going to share some smart tips and tricks that you can use in your smartphone. For more tips like this and exclusive reviews of the latest smartphones, don’t forget to visit

Tips About Proper Use Of Features Of Your Smartphone

The smartphone is the best invention ever. It has its own features and functions that can be used effectively. With the help of some basic tips, you can easily use these functions. So, here I am sharing some of the best tips(which I learned from فرنا) that will help you to use the features of your smartphone effectively. 

Set the screen brightness

As it is common sense, if you want your eyes to be healthy, then you should set the brightness of your smartphone to minimum. If you keep the brightness to maximum, then it can affect your eyes. If you keep it in between, then it will give you a comfortable view. But it is important to choose a phone which has a high count of nits. For help related to that, visit to learn more about recent smartphones.

Switch the phone to silent mode

Most of the people will forget that this feature is present in their smartphones, but if you forgot it, then this is the best time to use it. In silent mode, all the notifications will be muted and you will not be disturbed with any notification.

Use the flashlight

The flashlight is one of the most useful tips for the nightime. When you are driving in the nightime, it is very important to use the flashlight. You can use this function for many purposes like checking your location, unlocking your home, reading the text messages etc.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the two most common features of smartphones. Now, it is very important that you keep them turned off. As it is a very sensitive feature, so if you keep it on, then it can connect to your device without your consent. 

Disable auto-lock

Auto lock is the feature that automatically locks the screen when you put the phone in your pocket. So, if you don’t want it to be locked, then you can disable it.

Turn on airplane mode

It is also one of the most common tips that you will be surprised when you will turn on the airplane mode. This is one of the best tips for those people who are travelling frequently. While you are travelling, you will not be able to receive any call or message from the outside world.

Make a shortcut to apps

Apps can be easily downloaded on the smartphone, but it is very hard to delete them. If you have downloaded a bad app on your smartphone and it is taking much space, then you can delete it using this tip. You can create a shortcut to an app and delete it once you are done with the task.

Take a screenshot

It is another common tip that is often overlooked by the people. You can use this feature when you want to capture any unwanted picture. You can save it to your computer or you can delete it as soon as possible.

Take good care of battery

Batteries have a limited life, so it is very important to take care of your battery. If you want to know more about the battery capacities of different phones, visit a good فروشگاه آنلاین.  Turn off all the notifications and turn on the display to minimum. Also, don’t keep your smartphone in the sunlight.

Don’t take selfies with flash

Flash is the most annoying thing that you can do with your smartphone. It can ruin your selfies and it is not a good idea to take selfies with the flash. You can use the automatic option that is available in the settings.

Convert your videos to GIFs

GIF is a short and simple animation that is often used in social media platforms. So, if you have any video clip that you want to send it to your friends, then you can convert the video to GIF and share it.


It is very obvious that you have to take good care of your smartphone. There are a lot of features and options that are available in it. You should know that they are very sensitive and you can get a lot of trouble by using them. So, try to understand the settings and make it safer for yourself.

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