How to Get Xenophage Destiny 2

Xenophage is a long-range machine gun in Destiny 2 that fires explosive Solar rounds. The damage it can do more than makes up for the relatively small magazine that made it somewhat unpopular at launch. It has since proven to be remarkably versatile and especially effective in PvE, where it can mow down enemy waves and bosses alike in short order. Its unusual build and unique story make it a must-have for collectors of Exotic weapons. An elaborate questline set entirely on the Moon must be finished to unlock the gun. Our article will help readers complete it without any complications or delays.

Getting the Task

To initiate the questline, your Guardian would have to complete a minor task in the Enduring Abyss. If there are still any Memory quests for them to turn in, the portal connects directly to their destination. Otherwise, a foot journey starting at Sorrow’s Harbor is necessary. Walk inside the Scarlet Keep and turn leftwards after reaching the glowing rock, then proceed to a path leading to a surface above the Pyramid. There are four monuments there which you should tap in this sequence:

  1. Close and on the right
  2. Far and on the left
  3. Far and on the right
  4. Close and on the left

A container will show up, allowing you to begin the mission.

Lighting the Lecterns

After travelling to the Anchor of Light, move towards the radio tower in the northwest and step into the little space underneath the tower. Take up the Light sphere there and apply it on six lecterns scattered throughout the outpost. Check these spots in sequence:

  1. The space under the radio tower;
  2. Between a hill and the fallen tower some distance to the northeast from 1;
  3. Inside a yellow building to the southwest from 2;
  4. On the second level of the radio tower’s exterior;
  5. At the top of a ramp over a buried yellow structure;
  6. On the huge saucer-like roof structure in the southeast.

The stage will reset if you fail to get from one lectern to another in a minute or do it in an incorrect sequence. Once you get it right, set off the waypoint on an elevated path near the radio tower to proceed.

Collecting the Fragments

Your follow-up objective is to fight your way through all the destination Lost Sectors and solve turning tile puzzles that will appear at their conclusion. Each puzzle consists of nine tiles with symbols. Shooting any of them will change the whole picture in certain ways. All tiles must display an identical emblem, which is displayed over the puzzle. For ease of communication, those puzzles can be seen as keypads, in which case the optimal method of solving them is this:

  • K1 Communion: 1, 3, 8, 8
  • K1 Logistics: 7, 1, 6, 5
  • K1 Crew Quarters: 9, 4, 5, 2, 3, 3, 2
  • K1 Revelation: 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 8, 2, 5

The sequence in which you do these puzzles does not matter. Each will produce a map fragment – once all are yours, you will be able to move on to the Pit of Heresy instance.

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Descend into the Pit

If you do not already have the right of entry to the dungeon, turn in a short quest for Eris Morn so you can proceed. Once you can enter, finish the opening encounter with Hive mini-bosses and go on until you reach a wall with many doors and symbols. Jump into the only door that does not have a symbol above it, above and to the left from your entrance. Inside, you will find a hidden rune that will let you progress.

Finding the Boss

Continue to move through the dungeon until you get to the invincible ogres. Avoid them as you head left. Eventually, you will discover a circular plate that may be utilized to create a bridge above the bones. At the last section of that bridge, you will find an Orb. Retrieve it and head right until you find a red door with two lanterns. Light them up to commence the questline’s secret boss encounter.

Boss Fight

This encounter can be quite challenging, especially for Guardians under Power Level 970. The boss is a Wizard who spams Arc attacks and cannot be harmed normally. However, upon greeting the boss, your Guardian will receive a Dread buff for either Void, Solar, Arc, or Kinetic damage. Find a sphere of the appropriate element in the boss’ arena and deposit it in a suitable receptacle in a corner. That will create a 30-second window in which the enemy will take damage from that type. When the seconds run out, you will get a different Dread and need to repeat the process. Kill the Wizard, loot the bug item, and deliver it to Eris Morn. Then the Xenophage will be yours!

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