How To Have An Escape Room Party

Get the party planning gears turning. A birthday, graduation, workplace, or other celebratory parties might be a great fit for an escape room party. All ages and abilities can benefit from escape room events, and since they are entertaining and engaging, nobody will be left alone and bored.

Currently, one of the hottest fads in the party industry is escape room celebrations. You will learn how to host the best escape room party in this article, one that will undoubtedly be fun for both you and your guests and leave wonderful memories!

Pick The Right Room

There are a ton of escape rooms available. The options range from single-escape rooms for 2 people to multi-level arrangements. The ideal location for an escape room party is typically not a large, open space with hard surfaces. For those who might have trouble seeing or moving around smoothly, it’s also crucial to take accessibility and sightlines into account.

One or two rooms should be plenty, but this obviously depends on the size of the gathering. Choose a location that is convenient for all guests and can hold a manageable amount of attendees.

Choose A Theme That Works With The People Involved

Next, you’ll want to decorate the space so that it fits the concept. Decide on a theme that will transport your guests elsewhere. Films and historical eras are common inspirations for escape rooms. Escape Room Games – Where Can I Find Them:

Design the room

What we need to do now is give some thought to interior decoration. Find as many riddles, clues, and other objects as you can that fit in with your theme.

Remember that each space need proper lighting and stuff that fits together like a puzzle. Since most escape rooms only provide a limited number of objects, it’s important for players to get creative with what’s at hand in order to solve the riddles.

Test your DIY Escape Room Party

When you have everything together, head into your escape room and give it a try. Visual cues (props) and verbal hints will be very helpful to you.

Talking of hints, a telephone or walkie-talkie system will come in handy for relaying information to your guests while they are in the room.

Final Thoughts

Escape rooms are fantastic party games that promote teamwork and group communication. They can be enjoyable and interesting for everyone if done correctly.

To ensure that memories remain long after the event has ended, don’t forget to capture pictures or films of the party and encourage players to do the same.


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