How to Keep Calm for Your Gastroscopy

Digestive complications can significantly affect the quality of your life. Fortunately, medical professionals can help you overcome your symptoms after an accurate diagnosis aided by gastroscopy. The technique helps the gastroscopy Houston specialists have a clear view of your digestive tract to pinpoint the source of your complications. The technique is mainly employed when diagnosing complications related to the upper gastrointestinal tract. The procedure involves inserting a special instrument with an attached camera down the esophagus. It is common to feel anxious about the procedure, but you can consult your doctor for help. Here is what you can do to overcome your fears.

Know Your Coping Strategies

Different people cope differently when dealing with a medical procedure. Ask yourself how you dealt with a past procedure. Identifying your coping strategy can help you discuss with your doctor to see how you can be helped. It also helps you identify your anxiety levels which are critical in determining the help you need. You can then work with your doctor to determine better ways to manage your worries.

Know What Awaits You

Many people get anxious about medical procedures due to the fear of the unknown. It is critical to consult your doctor and ensure you understand all involved in a gastroscopy. Different techniques are involved, and research shows that patients’ anxiety levels vary depending on the specific technique involved or what is being investigated. Please book a consultation appointment with your doctor and have them explain every detail of what will happen during the gastroscopy.

Evaluate the Sedation Options

Most gastroscopy techniques involve local anesthesia to make patients drowsy and a little more comfortable during the procedure. As mentioned earlier, identifying your anxiety levels is critical and will help your doctor determine the right type of sedation for you. You might need stronger sedation if there is a high chance you will be more stressed during the operation. Also, you might need to take pre-procedure medications to help manage your stress levels and blood pressure.

Calm Yourself

It is important to consider bringing your gadgets to the appointment to cool yourself down during the operation. The research found that patients who listen to cool music during gastroscopy are more relaxed and more satisfied with the procedure. Make a playlist of your favorite cool and soothing music and bring it to your appointment. Also, it can help you get your appointment early to minimize your stress that day. Also, do some breathing exercises to cool down your nerves as you get the appointment.

Carefully Adhere to Your Doctor’s Guidelines

Your doctor can send you home with preparation instructions after your consultation appointment. Adequate preparations can help you have nothing to worry about. You might need to discontinue or skip taking certain medications and stop drinking or eating at a particular timeline. Pay attention to such instructions and call your doctor for clarification to ensure you do everything right.

Be Ready for Mild Discomfort

It is normal to experience some mild discomfort after a gastroscopy; the best way to handle this is to get ready. Consult your doctor to understand what you can expect and take necessary mitigation measures. You might need a ride home after the procedure, which you need to arrange before. Also, you might experience some throat, bloating, and swallowing difficulties. Your doctor will help you know how to manage such effects and lower your worries.

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