How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your B2B Business

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In the August 2021 data released by Statista, there are at least 31.8 million social media users in Canada. The social network penetration rate is at 83% making the country one of the most connected online populations in the world. Because of the way Canadians are connected, it presents a good opportunity for businesses to reach their audience through the channels where their audience is.

Social media is a good place to share news and updates about your business, nurture customers, and overall make your presence felt. There is no denying that any B2B brand would need these platforms to grow its presence. But how can a B2B SEO agency use these platforms to leverage and grow your business?

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1. Know Your Message 

In creating a successful social media marketing strategy, your goal is to effectively communicate what your brand is about. Create messages that get the results. You can do this by using the language that your audience uses. Say your message with the intention to get the audience’s attention in a succinct way.

2. Create Good Content 

In its early days, social media used texts to communicate with the audience. The content could either be a blog post, a note, a tweet, or a comment. However, social media platforms evolved to cater to more varied content. In the past years, brands curated feed goals on Instagram by taking good photos that catch attention. Since the pandemic started, micro-video blogging platforms like TikTok also emerged as a way to communicate with the audience.

A B2B company needs to have a clear idea of the message to be able to present these as good content on their social platforms. You want to create connections in the hopes of meeting fellow businesses that want to avail your products and services.

3. Content Delivery 

Once you establish the message that you want to tell your audience and have planned the contents to share, your next consideration is the manner of delivery. Social media blurs the line between business and friends. Most brands want to establish a friendly, conversational tone in sharing their content.

Social media platforms help create a human image behind brands and businesses. To create that connection, you want to understand how your audience wishes to find your content. Find that online persona that they can relate to.

4. Make the content relevant to their lives 

The audience like, follow and share business profiles because they see them as an extension to their favourite brands. Your message then should reach the target audience and speak to those who are still on the potential list. To do that, you need to bank on contents that are relevant to their lives. Find a point where you can use your company as a point of discussion between people. You can share content that answers questions for people seeking solutions to their problems or make them feel that their wins are yours, too.

5. Speak business but in a subtle way

Being on social media means you are making business happen for you but, it will turn the audience off if they see you plainly telling them to give up their money. You are putting up your social presence to make them feel that you are as concerned about their happiness as they do. Find that ground where your business could be useful for celebrating those moments. For example, furniture stores in Toronto can be instruments for making special family bondings more meaningful as they provide rest for everyone in their celebration.

6. Interact

Social media platforms provide a simple and free messaging application for your audience to reach you. This is a very helpful way to interact with them. Through interaction, you establish rapport which, when mostly positive, yield more business opportunities.

Social media platforms foster connections between people. In recent times, they become bridges to favoured brands and businesses, too. Whether you are a restaurant or a web design company like, you can make use of social media platforms to reach new clients and foster better relationships with existing ones.

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