How to Make an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade Effective: Crucial Information

Oracle has stopped Premier Support service for EBS 12.1, thus if you’re still using version 12.1, you must update to release 12.2.0 immediately. Your business will be unable to take advantage of many of the latest Oracle EBS capabilities without Premier Support, and there is significant risk involved in operating an EBS system without Oracle’s assistance. To put it simply, upgrading to the most recent version is required.

In all honesty, upgrading to EBS 12.2 might seem daunting. While sticking on 12.1, however, increases data and system performance risks for your firm, particularly if you don’t have Oracle Premier Support.

What are the advantages to upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2?

When it comes to EBS 12.2, Oracle has guaranteed Premier Support till 2031. Oracle’s on-premises business-suite products are the only ones getting future updates. Aside from these services, Premier Support offers the following to businesses:

  • There are crucial patch updates, data repairs, security warnings, and new updates available.
  • Updates to tax law, the law, and regulations
  • Validation with updated versions of third-party software
  • Validation of New Oracle Products

Risky Oracle EBS updates may be mitigated with careful testing.

The strain of any upgrading may be managed with proper preparation. In order to finish the testing of the EBS update in a timely manner and with little impact to the company, careful preparation is essential. When designing a test, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Create a project schedule:

One to two quarters is the typical time frame for a company to update its EBS. Thirty to forty percent of a company’s total project time should be allotted for creating test scenarios if they want to have a good testing strategy.

  • Ensure testing procedures are in accordance with CEMLI standards:

A thorough CEMLI evaluation shows you what won’t work, why, and where to begin testing your alterations, additions, and revisions.

  • Assess the operational status of the EBS by:

Updating the database in advance of the E-business suite update is recommended. Upgrading to 12.2 requires databases to be at least at version to obtain security, performance, and stability enhancements.

  • Determine the parameters of the test:

One of the greatest difficulties in testing is developing a strategy for testing more features in less time. Critical procedures should be tested, and the ERP should operate as expected.

Figure out what needs mending. Inconsistencies in your current EBS release may be caused by changes to your modifications or integrations. Consider these problems and mistakes to help narrow down the list of upgrades to your ERP system that need to be made.

  • Complete a full cycle of testing:

Minimizing post-upgrade interruptions to company operations requires a thorough examination of the whole process. Pay close attention to procedures that depend on the smooth operation of various apps or integrations.


Without¬†oracle ebs 12.1 to 12.2 upgrade, you’re running a major risk since Premier Support has been discontinued for 12.1. Create a testing strategy that thoroughly examines the existing state of your program and any areas where it may be enhanced to guarantee a smooth update. In addition, you must prioritize all of your tests from beginning to end and determine which business activities need the most attention in terms of testing.

Opkey’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and test automation (TA) solutions will allow you to update EBS without any disruptions or errors in a way that is both cost-effective and does not impact production.