How to Make Your Own Personalized Star Map With Picture The Stars

Do you have a dream of visiting different star systems? Do you have a dream of exploring different planets and stars? Well, it’s still not possible to experience all these dreams and make them come true. But you can have a piece of that your dream in your living room right now, thanks to your very own, personalized Star Map

What Is A Star Map?

A Star Map is a navigational tool sailors use to find their way around. Star maps are also used for locating celestial objects, such as constellations. 

A star map can be constructed from a variety of materials, including paper and cardboard. But if you are rather interested in purchasing a personalized star map, you need to know how to design your own personalised star map.

Where Do I Get Personalized Star Maps?

There is a brand that offers such services called Picture The Star. They are known for creating amazing and futuristic star maps. You will feel like you are flying through space and experiencing the stars with your eyes.

How Do I Start?

Designing a customized star map is very simple and easy. You just need to follow some simple steps and you will be able to create a personalized star map. Let’s start with the main steps:

1. Select A Design

Open the editor at Picture The Star and choose the image of your choice. You can use any image from the editor that you want to create a startup.

2. Add Custom Elements To The Star Map

After opening the editor, you can draw a custom element on the star map. You can also make a star map that looks like the galaxy.

3. Create Your Account

After uploading the file, you can create your account and then follow the instructions given on the website to complete the payment process.

6. Get A Custom Star Map

Your star map will be ready very soon and it will be delivered to you.

Finding A Great View Of The Star  For Putting In Your Star Map

Are you bored of the boring and traditional star maps? Do you want to make it different and unique? Then you should try these 6 different ways to create a unique and personalized star map.

1. Customize the stars

The tool that is available on the website will let you customize your stars. You can add your name, date, location, and any other information that you want.

2. Use constellation and custom view of the stars

The tool will allow you to create a star map in a matter of a few clicks. You just need to place the star map on the canvas and then add the stars and constellation. The tool allows you to change the shape, size, color, and position of the stars.

3. Create the star map yourself

Make your own star map by downloading the app and adding the stars to the canvas. You can also draw the map by placing the stars on the canvas. The most important thing is that the star map should be created on the sky and it should be on the right location. Then, you can use the view to create the star map at Picture The Star.

Why Should I Choose Star Maps Out Of Everything?

There are so many reasons to choose star maps for yourself or your kid. Let’s have a look:

It is an educational tool

The star maps are the best educational tools. The star maps will help your kid to understand the sky, constellations, the planets, and the seasons.

It is a fun activity for kids

If you want to play with your kids and make them happy then make them the star maps. These star maps will help your kids to explore the sky and it will make them happy.

It is an amazing present

Everyone loves to receive a unique gift and the personalized star maps are the best gift for anyone.


I hope you enjoyed this post and now you know how to design your own personalised star map. The star maps are the most attractive maps and it will make your journey memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your star map today.

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