How to Organize a Great Movie Night for Kids?

Private cinema has improved more than ever to make the experience much more immersive and fun for children, they have made it as realistic as possible.

Since we won’t be able to return to a movie theater for a long time (and it’s something that the whole family loves) we have decided to bring the private cinema to your home. But our home theater experience for children is not limited to putting on a movie and lying on the couch, but to replicating all those things that the cinema has and that we like so much: choosing a movie, buying tickets at the box office, buying popcorn, looking for your chair in a large dark room…

It seems very complicated but it can be done very simply and it is something that your children will love to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. What can we do to generate a cinema experience as real as possible in the living room?

Buy your tickets

One of the most fun parts is choosing the movie and buying tickets. If you have several movies to choose from and you also have a printer at home, you can make a small billboard by printing the posters and sticking them on the wall so that the kids can choose the movie they want.

Then it’s time to ask for tickets at the home box office. We can put an Ikea toy box (which opens like a window) in front of the door. Calling the box office, asking for tickets, asking which line you want, paying for them… it’s a symbolic game that they not only love but that helps them maintain social dynamics after spending so much time in quarantine without being able to apply them.

Make popcorn and enjoy selling it

If there is something that we always associate with the cinema, it is popcorn. And, luckily, it is one of the simplest and healthiest snacks to prepare at home. Surely you have corn kernels or bags of microwave popcorn in the kitchen. 

The immersive home theater experience requires putting them in a good cardboard popcorn container that you can make with any box. The quickest thing is to stick electrical or adhesive tape along them to make them straight without any effort. 

Looking for your seat in the cinema room 

Your cinema room should be almost completely dark. It is the best time to activate the flashlight of the mobile and leave it to the children so that they look for their seats. Previously you have to put up some signs with the seat and row numbers so that everyone can find their place. 

Trailers before the movie

If you have slightly older children, a very fun activity that they can prepare while you prepare the rest of the cinema, are the trailers. If they do a short performance of their favorite films before the session, the cinema experience will be unforgettable.

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