How to pay electricity bill online

It has now become completely easy and convenient enough to pay electricity bill online. Below you can check out the easy to follow method that guides you on paying your electricity bill with a single click. Furthermore, with the help of this guide, you can pay other of your utility bills as well.  It is with the help of mobile app that you can precede this method. And there are a few of the banks whose online banking services allow you pay your electricity bills instantly and directly.

How to pay Electricity Bill through Jazz Cash?

To pay your electricity bill, you need to open up a JazzCash mobile account at your end. Upon opening this account, you can seamlessly pay all sorts of utility bills of yours. Like, you can even pay your gas bill and telephone bill.

The first step is to dial *786# and then select the option Pay Bills. In the second step, hit on the option that says Type of bill, select the company name and then enter your consumer reference number. Make the transaction and enter your MPIN number to confirm.

How to pay Electricity Bill through Telenor EasyPaisa?

There is another method that informs you how to pay your utility bill through Telenor EasyPaisa app. We can guide you about this method. Firstly, you have to download the application. In other words, you have to set up an account so that you can well proceed with your bill payment procedure.

This app gives you numerous options regarding what type of bill you want to pay. As an example, click on LESCO bill option, enter your consumer reference number and complete this bill payment job online.

How to pay Electricity Bill through E-Banking Options?

  • There are many E-banking options that you can go for. Like, you can pay these bills through standard chartered, Allied bank and other bank accounts of yours. All of these top-notch banks are one of the professional and high-end facilitators when it comes to paying electricity bills online.
  • These banks offer online banking options and you can quickly pay your utility bills in a few of the easy steps. In this regard, you have to go and access the Bill payments option and then select the tab of Pay Bill. You will be given option regarding whether you want to pay your pesco online bill or gas bill or mobile phone PTCL bill of yours.
  • In the same manner, Allied bank gives you this facilitation to pay and online give your electricity bill. They have the most effective and reliable utility bill payment service at their end. Through their online bill paying services, you can securely pay your Sui Gas bill duplicate
  • We can give you rough information that this online bill paying facility is available to pay bills including the categories of LESCO, PESCO, QESCO and FESCO and also HESCO, SEPCO and even GEPCO,KESCO.
  • These banks allow you pay your water bills including the companies of KMC, BWSA and MWASA, LWASA as well as RWASA,GWASA and KWSB.

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