How To Play Golf Like A Pro With These Tips

The game of golf can be really frustrating when things aren’t going your way out on the course. Plenty of people has outright given up on the game of golf over a couple of bad outings. The problem is that you may not even be seeing the real issues at hand. For most golfers the best way to lower your score is to simplify your game. Ironically, to lower your score as an amateur and play like a pro eventually you may need to head backwards first. Here are a couple of tips to play golf like a pro.

1. Mechanize Your Swing Motion

Your swing motion has to be one that you feel comfortable enough with to be able to consistently replicate it. It’s sometimes better to have a poor looking swing that you can consistently replicate than to be able to have a textbook like swing a couple of shots in the round. Look at Jim Furyk for the perfect example of what we’re talking about. The same thing could apply to grip too. Find a grip that you can comfortably replicate and that can help you recreate the motion and hit more consistent shots.  Click here to learn more.

2. Don’t Try To Hit The Ball Overly Hard

This is something that many people are going to struggle with at one point or another. You’re going to want to hit the ball 300 yards just like the pros do. Yes, being able to hit bombs like Phil Mickelson says is a nice luxury to have in your game. To lower your scores you need to hit consistent shots. Golf is not a game where you need to hit the ball out of the park every time. Taking some speed of your swing from time to time can help you be more consistent, and therefore, shoot lower scores.

3. Work On Your Short Game

There’s really no way around this issue. Improving your short game can help you shave shots off the score rather quickly. Particularly if you incorporate different types of shots into your short game. Give the ball a bit more loft on these short shots to be able to clear those greenside bunkers. Also if you hit the ball flat consistently it’s going to make it harder for you to get it to stick on some of the harder greens. The good thing about the short game is that you can literally work on it virtually in any patch of grass that you can find.

4. A Put Is Worth The Same As 300 yard Drive

All of the experienced golfers are going to tell you this, and let’s face it you know it too. Working on your putting game can really help you lower your scores. In fact, getting a putting aid mirror so that you can train at home could very well be an interesting idea. This is going to allow you to get the rhythm of your stroke down. While potentially helping you judge the strength of your shots. Two elements are key to a good putting technique.

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