How to Play Points Rummy Game?

Rummy has been in the hearts of Indians for a long time. Its acceptance in the online market and by the audience is significantly expanding. This game is probably based on a person’s skillset rather than luck. It makes it legally licensed and approved for conducting online gaming platforms for real cash. 

Rummy is a combination of matching-card games consisting of 52 decks of cards based on matching the cards in a similar sequence and same suit. It is played between 2 to 6 players using a single or a couple of decks of cards.

Points rummy is India’s fastest evolving variation of card games. If you are rushing to finish the game by making quick cash, it is the perfect suit for you. The reason behind considering this variant is that it finishes in just around. After knowing this much, you may be curious about how to play free rummy games. After reading further, you may quickly become acquainted with it.

How to play points rummy

It is generally played among two to six players using a single or double deck of cards. Playing rummy isn’t rocket science, but you need to focus on the basic rule during the play. Some of the concepts are briefed below:

  • As per the name, in points rummy, every player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • The variations in this game include points, pool 101, pool 201, pool 61, 2 deals, and three deals. 
  • To win the game, one needs to have a valid declaration, which includes at least two sequences, in which one needs to be pure, while the rest of the cards have to be grouped into sets and sequences.
  • The importance of the joker can never be overlooked in this game. You can replace any missing card in the game with the joker.
  • When the game starts, a player has to draw cards from the closed or an open deck. 
  • After each player has drawn the cards, they get in a clockwise direction. 

Advantages of playing online rummy  

There can be numerous benefits to choosing to play free rummy games. It can simply derogate your tussle for enjoying the games and bestow you with many rewards. Some of the key perks are listed as follows:


With online platforms, you can easily play free rummy games anywhere and anytime. Previously, you needed to compile cards and people for the company, but in online mode, millions of people are already waiting for you to showcase their skills. 


Securing rewards and cash prizes in these games are like icing on the cakes. Many platforms provide bonanzas and gifts while winning thee bets. Although you need to put some money first, it will outweigh the rewards.

Safe and secure  

The most prolific feature of points rummy games is privacy with your data. Whether it’s your details or payment details, everything is safe and secure. You play the games with real players, and the probability of winning and losing is purely dependent on skills.


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