How To Protect Your Home And Yard From Thieves?

As summer approaches, the number of thefts increases. This is a completely determined situation since it is in the summer that most people go on vacation. In this article, we will tell you how you can protect your home from thieves effectively including:

  • alarm system;
  • video eye;
  • SMS notifications;
  • other additional options.

We suggest you explore all of these options and see which one best fits personally you.

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How to Protect the House: Popular Security Methods

Options to protect the house from thieves:

Of course, the ideal option would be to install an Ohholding alarm system that will send a signal to the security control panel. Thanks to this, if there is a signal from the sensors, security comes to your home. Here, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription fee to a security agency that will monitor the home. The price differs from one service to another, but still, this method is the most trusted and reliable.

If this is not possible, you can use a video eye. Its installation is not exactly a cheap activity, but it is much more profitable than paying for the services of a security company. The essence of the video peephole is that it looks absolutely like the most ordinary peephole. Inside there is a memory card and a motion sensor. As soon as someone appears on the site, the eye is activated and the recording is turned on. This way you can get a picture of all the people who came to your house during your absence. Perhaps it will help to find people who have committed an attack on your home.

Another good option is SMS notifications. Its work is based on the fact that motion sensors, activated when a person appears on the site, send a signal to the phone. Thus, an SMS is sent to the security control panel or to your phone that the sensor has been activated and someone is trying to break into the house. Often, similar sensors are placed on windows, as well as doors. That is, if you try to break into the house through the window, you will receive a corresponding SMS.

Additional Methods of Protection

An excellent option is to install a second door. Initially, this technique is more psychological in nature. The exterior doors are quite unremarkable and at first, glance seems rather flimsy. Thieves may think that they are quite easy to open or break.

It is followed by a more reliable metal one, on which several locks are installed. It is she who protects your home from intruders. Most likely, after discovering the second door, the thief will simply not want to waste his time opening it and will most likely leave.

Now there is also a webcam that works continuously and transmits all information to the appropriate server. Such cameras can be installed independently, spending a minimum of money. At the same time, they are not cheap at all. All information from web cameras is transferred to the server, which you can access at any time. That is, check and see if someone is at your home, and what is happening there.

There are many methods of protection against thieves, but only a trusted security service will give 100% results. 

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