How to Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime?

With the pandemic, much of the world is now located on the internet. And like the real world is full of crime, cybercrime is now on the rise. Cybercrime is a criminal activity that is primarily based online. You are protected using الأمن السيبراني.

Most of this crime is motivated by aims to make money; however, a small proportion is solely to defame another person or other personal motives. Some criminals are individual hackers, and some operate in organized syndicates. IT techs like المهندس احمد بطو are aware of these risks and use cybersecurity systems.

There are various cybercrimes, including email fraud, identity fraud, bank theft, extortion, blackmailing, and even cyber espionage.

What counts as cybercrime?

Cybercrime can either use your device without physical access in other crimes, diverting blame to you or can obtain data from your device to use against you. There are a few prime examples of cybercrimes.

Malware attacks are when a virus is located on your computer that gives access to data on your device to 3rd parties. Different types of malware are used to serve different aims. For example, some of them provide access to your computer’s administration to 3rd parties who use this access to carry out further criminal activities. Or they use it to obtain data from your computers to use against you.

Phishing is fraud. This involves mass sending on spam emails involving scams. A famous example of this is the Nigerian prince’s email that circulated the internet. The email included a link that would give access to the prince’s wealth. This link gave the hackers access to the device’s contents.

How to keep yourself protected against cybercrime?

The best way to protect yourself against cybercrime is to keep a constant check on your system updates. System updates usually provide updates to the security system against newer forms of malware. Another suggestion is to use anti-virus softwares that locate and eliminate malware on the device before it has the chance to attack.

Using strong passwords eliminates any chances of people guessing your password and making it into your account. Strong passwords also make it difficult for hacking programs to break into. A way to remember such elaborate passwords is using a reliable password manager.

Lastly, never open attachments in spam texts or emails. These links are baits into giving hackers access to your information.