How to Recovering  Deleted Partition?

You can’t be too careful to avoid it – it will definitely happen one day; the best you can do is to have a handy solution at hand so that when it occurs, you won’t have to be skeptical; instead, you launch your app and fix the situation. What are we talking about here? We’re talking about partition loss or data loss.

Your disk partitions could go missing due to a variety of problems, which include a power surge, storage drive or disk failure, OS crash, and malware attacks. You may also mistakenly delete the partitions while playing around with some actions or trying to delete something else. Whichever way it happens, partition loss can be reversed by recovering a partition

Why Did Your Partitions Disappear?

  • Accidental deletion by the PC user
  • Operating system error or crash
  • Malware or virus attack on the disk
  • You formatted the disk wrongly

Caution: If you discover that some of your disk partitions are missing, it is advisable to stop saving new files on the computer where the disk that has the partitions is installed. This is because saving new files to the disk may override the lost partitions’ data, making it difficult – if not impossible – to recover the data again.

Recover Lost Partitions With DiskInternals Partition Recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a high-standard professional app that allows users to read and access a wide variety of storage media to retrieve their lost files and data. It is the go-to partition recovery solution for most IT experts and Windows OS PC users. This software program is designed for use by everyone who operates a computer system; hence, it has a super-intuitive interface.

With support for all known Windows OS file systems, and the ability to read and access macOS and Linux OS file systems, DiskInternals Partition Recovery is one of the best comprehensive solutions to recover a partition regardless of how the data loss scenario occurred. The app’s features are easy to access, and there’s a Recovery Wizard to help newbies and non-techies.

Whether your partitions were created on an SSD, HDD, or external storage (ex., Flash drives), you can recover the files saved in them using the DiskInternals Partition Recovery app. More so, even if there are bad sectors on your storage drive, this recovery solution can read such drives and recover the files you lost. The recovery steps are straightforward, and you can completely get back your files in a few minutes.

Partition Recovery Guide

Recovering a partition doesn’t have to be tough; it should be something anyone can easily do, and that’s where DiskInternals Partition Recovery comes in handy. To get started with the process, you have to download and install the software program from the official DiskInternals website. It is important to download the app from the official site to ensure you’re installing the virus-free version.

First Step:

Ensure that the storage drive where the partitions were previously saved is inserted in the PC where DiskInternals Partition Recovery is installed. Check the File Explorer to confirm the drive or disk is connected. Once you have confirmed this, launch the recovery app, and the Recovery Wizard will prompt immediately. You can close the wizard if you wish to continue manually.

Second Step:

Select the disk or drive where the partitions were previously saved and choose from the scanning modes – Reader, Fast, and Full modes. The reader mode is for opening and reading files on macOS- or –Linux-formatted disks; fast mode runs a quick scan to recover a few lost files for you; full mode will scan and recover every document or file that has been deleted from the PC.

Third Step:

When the scan completes, the lost or mistakenly deleted files will be marked with red asterisks to differentiate them from the existing files still saved on the scanned drive. To save the files back to your computer, you have to save them to another disk (you won’t be able to save the files to the same disk where they got lost from).

Also, you would need to purchase a Pro License to save the recovered files, as DiskInternals Partition Recovery Free version does not support saving files back to your PC.

What More?

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is the easiest-to-use solution to partitions recover. However, in Full Scan mode, it may take a longer time for the results to show depending on the volume of files to be scanned.