How to Reduce Dark Circles on the Face

to recommend the following Suitable for the problems and needs of each person. What kind of results do you want? Solved from what cause? You want to have a natural white face. You want to have a white face urgently. You want acne to disappear. Smooth face, which has both natural formulas and medical aids.

1. Avoid exposure to sunlight.

Skin care to be white. The first is to avoid sunlight. Should not expose the skin to direct UV rays if you have to go out in the sun Should wear a hat or spread an umbrella to protect from the sun.

2. Always apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

UV rays are not exclusive to sunlight. But this includes televisions, telephones, computers, light bulbs, and applying sunscreen. with regular protection against ultraviolet radiation It will help protect the skin from dulling down.

3. Apply nourishing cream

with pollution and daily use May cause dull skin without knowing it Applying nourishing cream will increase moisture. Keep your skin healthy If you want to have a clear face, there is a nourishing cream that contains whitening ingredients. to make the skin more radiant

4. Get enough sleep.

enough rest It is the basic cost of good skin. when the body is fully rested will result in cells to repair themselves. Restoration of the worn parts Your body will feel refreshed. skin is more radiant

5. Eating foods that are beneficial to the skin

Eating good symptoms also helps to make your face clear. and improve skin health which will be taken care of from within Eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene. The doctor has 7 types of skin nourishing foods to recommend.

– sea fish

– Vegetables and Fruits

– Berries

– yoghurt

– green tea

– tofu

– seaweed

6. Drink enough water each day.

To have clear, healthy skin, you should drink enough water to meet your body’s needs. Water will help keep the skin moist, not dry, reduce acne problems, oily face, eliminate waste from the body. Makes the skin look radiant and soft.

7. Exercise regularly.

Exercise can improve your skin. a clearer face People who exercise regularly have more skin elasticity than those who do not exercise. Here are some benefits of exercise that help keep your skin healthy:

– Aerobic dance will make the heart pump blood. and transport more oxygen to the skin Helps to make the skin clear

– Exercise will help regulate stress hormones. If there is too much, the collagen in the skin will be destroyed.

– Helps to produce more collagen. Make the skin firm and flexible.

– Help with blood circulation, reduce acne, detoxification and clogging in the pores.

– Proper exercise on a regular basis Helps the body to produce natural antioxidants. This will help protect the skin.

8. Mesotherapy injection for clear face Made collagen injections

For those who want to see results urgently The doctor recommends mesotherapy injections for a clear face. by meso injection It is a shortcut to bring the ingredients in various nourishing creams. Injected directly into the skin Make it work and see results faster from taking months Facial mesotherapy injections can see results that improve the skin. Brighter in 1 week after injection And it’s an inexpensive procedure.

9. Vitamin C Injection

For vitamin C injection It’s a very popular way to make a clear face. Because it is believed that it will make your skin white and bright and look more aura. The injection of vitamins for the face that is popular today. The main active ingredient is vitamin C (Vitamin C), also known as Ascorbic acid (Ascorbic acid) is one of the vitamins that the body needs very much.

Vitamin C injections can really help your face look clearer. The whiteness obtained after injecting vitamin C is a by-product. From the working principle of vitamin C that helps reduce melanin pigment. Solve the problem of dark spots When receiving continuous vitamin intake It will make the skin look whiter. But it’s not so much that it’s beyond the original skin level.

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