How to Rent a Car if You Are Under 25 Years Old

Traveling is the best way to unwind and to see something new. Road trips can be an ideal chance for young people to travel around a bit as far as airfares can be quite pricey. Besides a road trip can allow you to visit multiple states and locations, plus it gives you the flexibility to shake things up if you are not happy with the way your travel goes. Moreover, you can cut the trip short or prolong it if there is a need for that. When you are a young driver and would like to hit the road you can get the rental car, but keep in mind that there might be some extra rules for those under 25.

Be prepared to pay extra

If you rent a car and you are under 25, there could be some extra charge that you would probably have to pay. Usually, if you are a young driver there is a higher risk involved for a car rental service, thus they tend to overcharge. You would normally have to get more expensive insurance, plus you will have a higher daily rate as well, so factor that in the overall expense. Keep in mind that if you are under 20, it would be most likely quite difficult to find a company renting out the car for this category. However, if you are setting out on a road trip, try to find a rental car under 25 and be flexible with the car model, to get a good value for money.

Do some prior research online

If you are looking for a rental car, be sure to find out what deals are offered by different service providers. Do careful research and check the offers of multiple companies, since some of them might offer better daily rates while others would require cheaper insurance, so try to be careful and count out all the options to know what you are getting yourself into. What is more, when you are looking for deals try to check out if you can find some package deals for accommodations and a vehicle and in this case, it would be easier to find something that meets your needs.

Find a person to cosign a lease

If you are embarking on a road trip and you are traveling in a group with an older person, you can get them to cosign a lease, and then you will most likely get a better deal. What is more, some companies will be more willing to lease out a car even if you are under 21. To double-check that, you can find the terms and conditions of car hire on the car rental app and make sure that you are getting the most out of your experience. 

Certainly, it is better to spend your budget on the experiences, recreational activities, and sights you are about to see, rather than blow most of your money on car rental. But don’t cheap out on the vehicle as well, since you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a towing truck or for somebody to help you out. Not only will it ruin your travel, but also cause some delays in your itinerary and make you change your plans or abandon them altogether.

Choose usual sedans

Different makes of cars can be priced differently and, in the end, can amount to different budgets. Of course, in some situations, you might need a specific model of car, if you are going somewhere off the beaten track, or off-road, you will definitely need a powerful vehicle like SUV, or a minivan for a big group. On the contrary, if you are not planning to do something outdoorsy or more adventurous, you should opt for a usual sedan. 

The advantages of the latter model are higher availability, lower costs and most frequently lower fuel consumption. More often than not, the companies will not lease minivans for young drivers, so a sedan will be a perfect option for them. Besides, be ready to be flexible, some promo campaigns might offer better deals on more expensive vehicles, so check all the information online ahead of time.

Reserve a car

It is crucial to check the car rental service online and in particular to read all the points of the rental agreement, especially the terms and conditions written in the fine print. Moreover, this way when you are picking up a car, you will not be pressed for time and thus will not skip reading the agreement, which might backfire in the end. Besides if you are set on getting a particular make of car, you need to reserve it online or contact the rental service to book your preferred vehicle. 

While you are browsing, do make a point of comparing prices and conditions offered by different companies. Also, be sure to set the right priorities, either you are set on getting a good value for money or hiring a certain type of car. Besides, be flexible, sometimes you will have to make some amends to your original itinerary and schedule.

Overall, there are some hoops that you will have to jump if you are under 25 and need to rent a vehicle. However it is not impossible, you just have to make some effort and do some extra research prior to lease.

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