How to Save Mobile Battery to Play Slots for a Long Time

How to save mobile battery to play slots for a long time

How to save mobile battery to play slots for a long time. Slot games are games that provide fun, enjoyment, and stress relief for players as well. There are also benefits of playing slots much more that you have to experience. However, if you are enjoying spinning slots, then you probably don’t want to miss out. Interrupted from playing because the mobile phone battery runs out, right? Therefore, we want to take all players to know how to save mobile batteries. For a long-lasting gambling experience and not lack of range

Steps to save battery in playing slots

The use of a mobile phone, a smartphone is now a very important necessity for everyone. Because in addition to playing slot games, the important thing to use is communication. What if we play สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ slots until the battery runs out and there are problems with things around us? But can’t contact anyone since we don’t save the battery, so the mobile phone battery is very important. That should not be exhausted until the engine is completely extinguished

  1. Adjust the brightness of the screen.

I believe that slot players have both mobile users in android and ios systems, but today we will give an example of a player. Using a mobile phone in the android operating system most of them are set to adjust screen brightness automatically. But it would be better if you manually adjust the screen brightness and when you are indoors or in low light your smartphone will adjust the brightness to a high level which consumes a lot of battery, so users should adjust the brightness by themselves. When at night, it can be adjusted to have less brightness to save battery not quite a bit.

  1. Turn off notification sounds and vibrations.

Another thing that bothers us while playing slots and also eats our mobile battery a lot. There are usually many different notifications, be it sound or vibrating. By vibrating or beeping it usually comes with dialing a phone number, various app notifications, as well as a screen lock sound. That results in the battery can be reduced little by little, so users should be able to turn off unnecessary notifications to get rid of the problem which users can turn off by going to settings > sound & notification (sounds and notifications) > other sound and muting unnecessary sounds and vibrations.

  1. Enable power saving mode

Power-saving mode is a special feature that will help you save battery as well. Where you can use this feature to save battery in an advanced way but will reduce the ability of some smartphones to work. This mode disables all background functions and effects. In addition, many smartphones have an advanced power-saving mode. To help the user’s smartphone work much longer

  1. Reduce the resolution of the image.

Let’s end at reducing the details of graphics because as you know, online สล็อตเว็บตรง slot games have brought new innovations into the game, designed to fit the era. Adjust the sharpness of the image with the 3d system, taking up memory card space. And causes the battery to deteriorate in a short time from now on, let the player adjust the resolution of the picture to a minimum. To extend the battery life longer

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