How to Select the Best Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

Choosing the right Pinterest plugins for WordPress can make all the difference to your online success. You can use the right plugins to improve your site’s SEO, promote your content, and build your audience. These plugins can also make your life easier by helping you automate certain tasks.

Pinterest Automatic Pin

Adding Pinterest to your WordPress site is a great way to get more traffic and increase your social media presence. Plugins allow you to embed Pinterest boards, add posts and more. While there are a variety of Pinterest plugins, you want to find the best for your needs.

The Pinterest Automatic plugin is a great way to display Pinterest content on your site. The plugin auto-detects images on your site and pins them to your chosen Pinterest board. The plugin is SEO friendly, which means it will not slow down your site’s loading time.

Similarly, the PI Button plugin is a great way to add a “Pin it” button to your images. This plugin has many features to choose from, including a Pinterest follow button and widgets to embed boards and profiles. It’s free, but it also has a premium version.

The Direct Share Panel plugin is another WordPress Pinterest plugin worth considering. It lets you track the performance of your shared posts, add custom links, and even add your own custom images.

Pin it button on image hover

Adding a Pinterest “Pin It” button to your images may be a tad more involved than simply slapping a little code into your WordPress files. However, the benefits of such a feature outweigh the extra effort.

There are a few WordPress plugins out there that will allow you to add a Pin It button to your images. While a Pin It button is not required, it can be helpful to visitors if they see one on your site. This can increase the chances of visitors sharing your images with their friends.

The most obvious way to add a Pin It button to your WordPress site is to install a plugin. The plugin comes with a built in “Pin It” button, but you can also copy the code into your WordPress files. Alternatively, you can use the WordPress Block Editor to assign an image to an existing pin.

The best part of using a plugin to add a Pin It button to your pictures is that you can easily control the pins from any page on your site. If you’re a blogger, you can even set it up so that each pin links to an individual post page.


Flow-Flow is a social plugin for WordPress that allows you to mix and match your social feeds into one container. It connects to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It provides great customization options for style, design, and color. It has two pre-designed layouts, plus the ability to style any element on a card. Flow-Flow also has add-ons for monetizing your social streams. These add-ons include an ad inserter, an advertising & branding add-on, and hero cards for social media campaigns.

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display a stream of posts from a number of social networks on your site. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream can support up to seven Instagram feeds and three Facebook feeds. It offers responsive design and a user-friendly admin portal. It is also cross-browser compatible. It combines clever caching and Ajax loading. It also supports swipes for sliding on mobile.

Pinterest is a social media platform where you can browse the pins of other people and create your own pin boards. The platform offers an easy way to follow influencers, gather data, and reach new audiences. You can increase your site’s followers, traffic, and links to your website by using Pinterest. You can also create a profile, follow your favorite users, and position products and offers.


Plugins that integrate Pinterest features to a WordPress website are a great way to grow your Pinterest followers. These plugins help you display Pinterest boards on your website and add Pinterest buttons to your posts. These plugins make it easy for visitors to share your content on Pinterest and other social media sites.

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