How To Sell On The GCP Marketplace?

Google Cloud marketplace or GCP is the fastest process for the customers to start with the Google Cloud. It is important to offer stacks, datasets, materials, and services, which can be made so that clients will be able to update the apps in very little time. You may sell items with the known pricing functions, like subscriptions, PAYG, and custom rates. You are provided with surveys that show how the customers react to the products & marketing campaigns. The first procedure is importing & listing your applications in the GCP marketplace.

Get Instant Approval

You have to upload your technology solutions to the GCP platform. Personnel at the GCP Marketplace will do the automatic checks and see if you’re keen to sell and right solutions are available with you. Experiments will be carried out by the security screening, measuring the integration testing, and functional surveillance.

The team at GCP Marketplace reviews your flow of deployment, user guide, marketing literature, and stability solutions. You can’t get ready for selling your solutions at the GCP marketplace before it gets cleared by the team of professionals working behind the scene.

Include an application

You will have to apply to the GCP marketplace Partner portal for tech solutions in your third step. You have to enter the marketing material on your portal and configure the app models. You need to visit the official GCP website to get more details on how you can build the right solution.

Generally, customers find the native cloud solutions and 3rd party developer certified program on this market. This third-party app not just help the cloud platform to fill any hole in the portfolio & meet different requirements of the large customers, however also make it simple and calm for the users to ensure that they make use of the best service and all the orders in this selling market integrate successfully and properly

Integrating with GCP Marketplace

At the higher level, you can integrate this sample solution with the GCP solution in the given ways:

Integrate with the Cloud to get notifications from the Google Cloud Marketplace, like when your user signs for your solution. And your Partner Engineer will be able to create the Cloud Pub or Subtopic, to which you should subscribe for the notifications.

Integrate with Partner Procurement API and create accounts for the new customers. Businesses use this Partner Procurement API for updating their accounts when the users change, select, and cancel the subscription plans.

CO-selling & Partnership 

In a recent GCP marketplace channel, it was found some enthusiastic supports from the cloud representatives. Many representatives have started jumping in the ring & helping ISVs. Thus, in simple terms, it is quite clear that partnering and co-selling won’t just help you get you the limelight, but ensure your reach is expanding. Hence, these are some of the top benefits you reap when you get associated with the GCP marketplace.

  • Google Cloud Marketplace provides the breadth of a few integrated solutions, which are generally vetted by Google against various security vulnerabilities that will cover your business IT needs. You need to scale the procurement process & shift the energy to tasks when getting the right solutions in the right hands while they need the most.
  • Allow the development & facilitate governance, whereas providing solutions, which can be vetted by Google against any security vulnerabilities. Choose from the solution options, which will integrate with the Google Cloud platform, on-premises, as well as multi-cloud projects that will help you to avoid any vendor lock-in.
  • Increase the procurement procedure for you & your entire team. You can buy without any need for the internal vendor to review if the Google marketplace is one of the most preferred partners. You can create a scalable & repeatable procurement procedure with the deployments, which can be integrated with the Google Cloud Platform in an easy and trouble-free way.

Final Words

The decentralized cloud infrastructure known as Google Cloud Platform has started focusing on Anthos hybrid & multi-cloud workloads, which will help the developers to manage the workloads over the Google Cloud & GCP systems and will help to make their work easier and achievable through this cloud platform.

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