How to Send Promotional Messages on WhatsApp to 1000+ Contacts?

WhatsApp. It’s funny how this little App came in all of a sudden and took over messaging platforms as if it laid the whole world under its spell! That’s the magic of WhatsApp. What’s more, is that it did not only take over as the top and best messaging platform in the world but also has become just like another bare necessity. An App that comes under your “must-haves” list on your phone.

Yes, WhatsApp has made life easier with friends and family by cutting out the distance if any. However, it has also become a game-changer for business owners who have identified this platform as a life-changing asset for the growth and overall upscaling of their businesses.

Be it small business owners or big, WhatsApp Marketing tool has become everyone’s first choice while traditional marketing is slowly and steadily taking a back seat. So, with that being said, today’s article focuses on one important question that has been at the top for answering the masses. How to send promotional messages on WhatsApp to 1000+ contacts? This article will decide this answer for you right here.

Can We Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

Here is a big yes. We can send bulk messages on WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp has been around for quite a decade, the messaging app still allows us to talk only with contacts.

If you would like to contact new friends, you would like to save lots of them to the contact list on your phone, await WhatsApp to synchronize, so that the new name appears within the app, then chat with them.

This usually takes a couple of minutes and may take hours if the contacts can’t be synchronized quickly. Do not mention you would like to send bulk messages. But fortunately, we sleep at a high-technical age.

There’s a WhatsApp bulk sender out there called Whatso, it combines best-in-class SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Automation, and reporting in a single software. which allows you to send a WhatsApp message in bulk for free of charge, it’s a free WhatsApp marketing software demo version It also has paid services; you’ll try it consistent with your needs.

It can help us break through the limit of the number of messages and contacts. WhatsApp features a limit on the number of users’ contacts. With this software, you’ll send text messages to people that aren’t saved in your contact list. One of my favourite features is that I can get all WhatsApp numbers almost like my niche market from anywhere on the web.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Bulk Marketing?

Mass advertising is an effort to sell and promote merchandise focused on the mass marketplace. The mass marketplace is a marketplace wherein many clients are existing in a marketplace with not unusual wishes. Companies view customers inside the marketplace as having homogeneous wishes and wants. To promote a product, they simply have one advertising strategy.

They promote the identical product on an identical charge the user the identical promoting and distribution system for everyone. There are many advantages which are mentioned below

  • Higher economic scale
  • Saving marketing costs
  • The high volume of sales
  • More potential customers
  • Low chances of changing taste

What’s the Easiest Way to Send Bulk Messages?

There are 2 easy ways available for sending bulk WhatsApp messages:

  1. The usage of automated bulk messaging WhatsApp tools like Whatso to send WhatsApp messages.
  2. The usage of WhatsApp’s official API to send messages

In Bulk messaging there is no need to get WhatsApp API approval or get the message template approved before sending. It is an easy process with a user-friendly setup.

In WhatsApp messaging official API there is no worry about the number being banned. It can be used for automation with scheduled time. The auto-reply is also there for use.

There are many companies like Sirena, text repeater, Whatso, etc where people understand how useful it’s for businesses to be ready to send broadcast messages using WhatsApp, while still complying with all the application’s policies.

We have also solved a couple of the restrictions of these distribution lists that you simply get with the free version. With Whatso, your messages reach their destination albeit the recipient doesn’t have your contact information saved.

You’ll also send your message to almost twice as many of us a day. After you’ve chosen the multiple recipients for your company’s WhatsApp message, the subsequent step is to click the megaphone icon. It is the first one within the line of 5 icons within the upper right. When you click the megaphone, a window will open where you’ve got the choice to settle on which WhatsApp line to use for your mass mailing.

After you’ve selected the amount, click next. In this step, you will need to settle on the template you would like to use to contact your clients, then keep going. The entire process is pretty simple and intuitive. Now it is time to figure on the template and find out the WhatsApp bulk mailing to send to multiple recipients.

Should You Send 1000 Messages at Once on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp with the help of various Marketing tools, bulk messengers. Which has an automation system for easy use.

Now with many marketing tools like Sirena, you’ll send your message to 500 recipients each day from one WhatsApp line, almost double what you’ll send with the free WhatsApp download. But it isn’t just that you simply can send all those messages directly.

It is also hyper-secure. Why highlight that? Because of our fusion with Zenvia, Sirena has become one among only a couple of authorized WhatsApp partners. You’ll believe that you’re employing a service that won’t put your client portfolio in danger.

Additionally, to pre-approved WhatsApp templates, your business isn’t in danger of getting your account blocked. Beyond the matter of being blocked in and of itself, there are the more complicated problems that a corporation would face to try to with client communication, one among the foremost important sorts of capital lately.

How to send promotional messages on WhatsApp to 1000+ contacts

There are various ways available to send promotional messages on WhatsApp to 1000+ contacts. And we discussed the easiest and convenient one for your benefit. So go through it carefully.

  • First, you’ve got to download and install any WhatsApp marketing application like “Whatso” or any other app as per your choice on your phone from the play store.
  • After installing this app you’ll see the window with many options like repeated text, random text, repeated letters, blank text, etc, but you’ve got to click on the repeated text option.
  • After that, type your text in the text box and provide the amount what percentage times you would like to send this message.
  • Then click on the generate option, confirm that you simply tick printing operation so that the text you’ve got written on the printing operation.
  • Then you only copy the message otherwise you can directly send a message by clicking on the share button.
  • So, this is often the complete process of sending 1000 messages in WhatsApp.

So, here is the end of our today’s discussion about promotional messages on WhatsApp. So, keep messaging, keep promoting your brand as much as possible and build a strong foundation. Stay safe and take care of all your family members.

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