How to Set up Recruitment Company in Dubai

The scope for recruitment company Dubai has been increasing for a while now, the reason being the establishment of new companies in UAE that are in dire need of skilled workers to work for them. Dubai depends on its businesses to balance its economy and keep it stable, and these businesses need people working for them. These people are provided by the recruitment agencies of Dubai, thus keeping its economy up and running. These agencies assist in providing workers in diverse fields, leading to increased profits, too; visit this page for more information.

Planning to Set Up a Recruitment Company

1. Study the Recruitment Field

When you study the recruitment field from outside, you get an idea about the expectations and availability of workers and the companies’ recruiting preferences.

2. Select the Type of Business

The UAE offers different types of models for commercial companies, and to set up an agency there, you need to select one that fits your company’s requirements.

3. Pick a Location

After studying the target group and selecting your business model, you need to pick your location depending on these factors such that the target group can access your company and the location suits the type you have selected.

4. Be Ready with the Documents Needed

There will be the need to hand in some documents to the Ministry to get a recruitment license, and these should be kept ready in advance.

5. Application form

The application form must be filled out with the correct details and submitted along with the paperwork. All the alterations to the organization can be done only after the Ministry has been informed of these.

6. Recruitment License

After the completion of the process of verification, a recruitment license can be obtained. Invest in a good Applicant Tracking System to maintain and source candidates and manage clients.

Division of Recruitment Industry into Categories

There are various divisions of a recruitment agency, let’s learn more about manpower agency  them in detail with the following points;

A] Temporary Agencies

These agencies employ workers or candidates to work at different companies for a fixed period temporarily. These agencies help provide workers to understaffed companies due to permanent employees or during busy periods when they need more employees. The businesses pay the temporary employees by the hour.

B] Traditional Recruitment Agencies

These agencies are the ones that are most needed by the businesses as the businesses need not pay them till they hire a candidate sent in by these agencies. Furthermore, if the candidate sent in by them decides to leave or doesn’t join, the recruitment company Dubai has to send a replacement.

C] Executive Search Agencies

These agencies are useful for the high posts wherein the employees’ payments are high, and their clients retain these agencies for a fee that cannot be refunded. These agencies work hard to place the candidates and indulge in headhunting and a host of efficient services.

D] Niche/Specialist Agencies

These agencies recruit in fields that require specific specializations like management, marketing. These agencies interact with companies and help in recruiting in the area they specialize in and not for all jobs. These agencies tutor candidates in the best way and help people who have their specializations.

Commercial License for Recruitment Companies

To establish a  recruitment agency in Dubai then click here for more info , the company needs to have a commercial recruitment license issued. This license allows the agency to mediate between candidates and companies, and the license has to be renewed every year to keep the agency running. The rules state that the agency owner must be from UAE, and the director must be a UAE national too. If the organization decided to bring about changes, the Ministry must be informed of this beforehand. There are two types of licenses:

1. Temporary Recruitment License

The temporary recruitment license authorizes the agency to deploy the employees to another business organization. The Ministry has decided upon a set of rules regarding the recruitment companies’ charges, and the employees’ details must be stored for three years.

2. Brokerage Agency License

This license is required by a company that also works with international candidates, and therefore, this license allows the recruitment company Dubai to deal with both national and international applicants. This license authorizes the company to retain the database of jobs and balance employees’ demand and supply.

Required Documents to Obtain the License

These are the documents that you are required to submit while starting a recruitment agency –

  • A blueprint of the premises of your agency or company
  • A copy of your passport
  • Written statements of all the shareholders of the company
  • A statement of good conduct

The Guidelines Around the Establishment of the Company

When you seek to establish a firm, precisely a workforce company or agency, there are a set of rules and guidelines that you are obliged to follow, facilitating employees’ security necessarily. The rules state that the agency must make sure that the employees are skilled workers, and the employees that are brought to the UAE must have a protection deposit of AED 2000 to their name. The Ministry has also set up rules on the type and duration of work for the employees that the companies need to follow strictly.

Step-wise Establishment of a Recruitment Company

  1. The first step requires you to decide upon the name of your staffing company, and once you finalize the same, you have to register the name. The term cannot include offensive words and needs to have your full name for clarity.
  2. The next thing to decide is do you want the company to be situated on the mainland or in the free-zone. The free zone incorporates advantages like exemption from customs tax. These are not available to the mainland companies, but these companies can trade with the local markets and undertake contracts from the government.
  3. The third step involves applying for the commercial license for the manpower company, and the process of the application depends on the agency’s situation in the free-zone or mainland. For a mainland agency, the application goes to the Dubai Department for Economic Development, while for the free-zone, the application can be sent directly to that particular free-zone. Learn more about the most important topic Ask Reader.
  4. This step involves applying for a UAE visa which requires you to go to the immigration center because it is necessary to provide your biometric information to be granted access. You can also sponsor tickets for the rest of your family if your salary meets the criteria.
  5. The last step involves opening up a bank account in one of Dubai’s banks with the help of someone well-versed in this process to avoid any difficulties.

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