How to Sleep Better as a Side Sleeper?

This is the best mattress for sleeping on your side

Sleeping on the side is one of the most beneficial positions to guarantee rest because it favors the relaxation of the cervical, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and if, in addition, it is accompanied by a good mattress, the quality of rest increases exponentially. If you are looking for the best mattress to sleep on your side, in the Sale of cheap mattresses we explain what it is and how you can buy it.

Take care of your back with a good mattress

The posture we adopt when sleeping significantly influences the quality of our rest and, although a good mattress always helps, if our spine or cervical vertebrae are in an inappropriate position, it is most likely that we will wake up exhausted. The perfect combination is a comfortable posture and a good quality mattress, but which is the best?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the most recommended mattress is one that has a certain level of firmness and adaptability, made from the best fabrics to provide freshness and softness to the touch. These essential characteristics are just some of the many that are required to provide adequate rest and, if you are looking for one that meets all these parameters, you can rest assured because in the Sale of cheap mattresses we have one that adapts to the needs of those who prefer lying on your side: the UK model.

What is special about the UK model?

The UK mattress is made with a shell of pocket springs independent of each other and this system greatly favors the independence of beds since the spring’s only act in the area of ​​contact with the body, so it is ideal for couples especially if one of the two tends to move a lot.

It also has a medium firmness, making it the best mattress to sleep on your side and providing adequate stability for the spine. Another of its characteristics is that it is covered by six centimeters of memory foam and the fabric is 100% cotton, which helps to regulate the temperature making it breathable and cool, ideal for people who suffer from the heat.

It should also be noted that the UK mattress has ant allergic treatment so its use is safe and hygienic since it prevents the reproduction of microorganisms such as mites. It is 27 centimeters thick and all these characteristics make it the ideal sleep equipment for those looking for a mattress to sleep on their side that adapts to their posture and needs.

Online quality mattresses

In the sale of best mattress for side sleepers uk, we offer the best quality/price combination for those who are looking for a full rest and adequate equipment to maintain the health of their back. One of our many advantages is that when you buy it in our online store you will have a 100-day trial so that you can decide if it is indeed the mattress that suits you best or not and you will be able to receive it in 48 hours without any additional surcharges for shipping. In addition, the mattress can be vacuum rolled for transfer, which guarantees greater protection of the sleeping equipment. Upon receipt and unpacking, it will return to its original shape in a matter of hours.

So, if you are determined to buy a mattress and have any questions about its characteristics or about the purchase process, do not worry, you can contact our advisors who will provide you with all the information you need to make your process as comfortable possible. Our website has a security certificate which means that all your data is protected and the purchase is totally safe, all are advantages! In short, opt for the UK mattress or any other with similar characteristics that are around 27 cm. thick and medium-hard to take care of your back; you will sleep like a baby!

The importance of stability and support

When buying a mattress, you should pay attention to the degree of stability or support. Stability should not be confused with firmness. Sometimes soft mattresses are as good as hard mattresses, or even more stable.

The danger of choosing the wrong mattress when sleeping on your side is that your spine may be misaligned. If you don’t want to suffer from back and neck pain, you should avoid this. The right mattress should not be too hard or too soft. It is also important to consider your weight. If you sink too much into the mattress, your spine may be twisted. A good mattress should support your body well in all positions so that your spine will maintain a healthy direction.

There are already mattresses that are divided into ergonomic areas to provide the correct support for each area of ​​the body. These gaps ensure that the head is better supported, and people can penetrate deeper into the shoulder and neck area, keeping the spine in its natural shape.

What kind of hardness to choose?

Finding the right firmness for a mattress is usually very difficult, especially because most new brands do not communicate it, but instead create mattresses for all types of people-universal mattresses. For people sleeping on the side, we recommend a softer mattress with a hardness rating of 4-6. For heavier people, we recommend choosing a slightly harder model (6-8 points).

The mattress should be well supported, as this helps reduce the pressure on the neck and back. The important thing is that the mattress fits your body well and the pressure is evenly distributed, otherwise you will get stuck in the mattress. The high quality of foam mattresses covers the above standards, especially mattress memory foam, latex foam or gel foam.

Pay attention to the rotation of the pelvis

Although this posture can relieve low back pain and is also conducive to reflux and sleep apnea, one of the problems with side sleeping is pelvic rotation. This happens when the upper body and lower body are turned in opposite directions, causing pain. You can prevent this from happening by inserting a pillow between your legs and choosing the right mattress when you sleep. A good mattress can provide enough support and prevent pain.

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