How to Study at the University of Melbourne for Postgraduate Studies?

As we all know, the University of Melbourne, as one of the top universities in Australia, enjoys a high reputation in the world. Over the years, many students choose to study abroad at the University of Melbourne, especially those who want to take a postgraduate study. So, how can you go to the University of Melbourne for postgraduate study? You need to meet their application requirements and successfully pass their review.

Admission requirements of the postgraduate study at the University of Melbourne​​

1. Masters by coursework

Language requirements: The language requirement depends on the course. Most courses require applicants to get a score of 79 or above in TOEFL, and the IELTS score is required to be above 6.5; the School of Engineering accepts dual admissions – applicants who do not meet the language requirements can first enter the Melbourne Language Bridge Program (UMELBP). The course is 10 weeks long and is set before the semester begins.

Degree requirements: Applicants should be graduated from a regular university and obtained a bachelor’s degree.​​

Application deadline: The application deadlines for most programs are: October 31 for the first semester; April 30 for the second semester. Physiotherapy majors are open to applications for the first semester only, and the deadline is September 1.

2. Masters by research

Language requirements: The language requirement depends on the course. Most courses require applicants to get a score of 94 or above, and the IELTS score should be above 7.0; the School of Engineering also accepts dual admissions.​​

Degree requirements: Those who have graduated from a regular university and obtained a bachelor’s degree are required to have certain research experience; undergraduate students who have graduated from Australia or the Commonwealth are required to have a four-year bachelor’s degree with honors.​

Undergraduate average score requirements: Applicants’ undergraduate average score should be 65%-75% or more, different majors may have different requirements.

University of Melbourne postgraduate application materials

– Basic personal information, personal contact information, and personal learning experience.

– Designate two recommenders, and indicate the recommender’s Email address.

– Indicate the courses you wish to apply for, the duration of the courses, etc.

– Briefly explain why you want to apply for the program.

– List your research experience, honors, and published papers.

– The date of the TOEFL/IELTS test.

– The original TOEFL/IELTS score report, if the test result is not available, don’t send it first.

– Undergraduate study certificate/graduation certificate.

– Undergraduate transcripts.

University of Melbourne postgraduate application process

1. Major and course selection

– To choose a suitable major, you can visit the official website of the University of Melbourne to check the professional application information. Or you can make use of the professional course search tool – Course Finder. It would make the course selection much easier.

– The majors of the University of Melbourne’s graduate students include architecture, construction management, engineering, forest ecological science, landscape architecture, law, management (accounting), music therapy, nursing, real estate, social work, teaching, urban planning and other graduate students profession.

2. Start the application

– The University of Melbourne has a limited number of admissions, so it is better to apply sooner rather than later.

– The application period for postgraduate students at the University of Melbourne is in October and April each year. The university application cycle is longer than that of the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the University of Adelaide and other schools. The application will cost about 6-12 weeks, so students need to submit the materials and online application as soon as possible after the school opens the application – it is strongly recommended to start preparing for the application work half a year or a year in advance.

3. Waiting for the offer

After receiving the application, the University of Melbourne will start the review process, which will take some time. Therefore, applicants need to wait patiently for the final result. If approved, applicants will receive an acceptance letter.

This is how to study at the University of Melbourne for postgraduate studies. If you are interested to the postgraduate study of the university, then you need to prepare as soon as possible.

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