How to Use Dab Rigs

A dab rig, also referred to as a concentrate rig, is a specific type of smoking pipe useful in oil and smoke concentrates. Dabbing rigs offer a safer way for inhaling smoke that’s burning directly from oils, char herbs, or concentrates. Through the use of convective heating, dabbing allows the wax to turn to vapor. Dab rigs work in two processes: using a torch to heat the nail or surface area and then concentrating the herbs on the surface area. Dab rigs come in various styles, such as dab straws and electronic dab rigs.

Uses of Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are used in vaporizing cannabis concentrate without having to burn it directly over a flame. When the nail is heated for a particular time, a hot surface is created, which then causes the cannabis to turn into cannabinoid vapor. The vapor can then be drawn via a dab rig, typically by a water chamber, and inhaled.

How to Use Dab Rigs

Using dab rigs from The Freeze Pipe is a process that includes these 6 steps:

1) Secure the nail to the dab rig

It is vital to ensure that the nail is well fitted to your rig to avoid exposing yourself to pain

2) Heat the nail

Using a blow torch or heat gun, heat the nail uniformly to the recommended temperature. Depending on the strength of your torch and the thickness of the nail, heat the nail for 20-30 seconds to achieve the appropriate temperature for vaporization. When thoroughly heated, the hot nail turns into a reddish glow

3) Cool the nail

When the nail is cooled, the heat disperses through it. Let the nail cool for double the time you took to heat it. Be careful when the nail is even cooling, as it will retain the heat from the torch for some time. Dabs are highly flavored and are milder to the lungs when cool.

4) Apply the dab on the nail using the dabber to evaporate it

Using a dabber, place your dab on the nail and let it evaporate.

5) Cover with carb dab and inhale

To avoid irritation to your throat, gently inhale your dab while it’s covered with a carb dab. A cough indicates that your nail was too hot when you applied your dab, while at the right nail temperature, you can inhale your dab without a cough.

6) Clean the nail

When you are done inhaling the dab, ensure the nail is clean from any concentrate residues.

Dabbing is a familiar form of consuming potent forms of cannabis by using a dab rig, a unique apparatus that vaporizes cannabis from its concentrated form. If appropriately used, it can give you a great experience to smoothly enjoy vaporized cannabis, which is less harmful to your lungs than its concentrated form. You can begin with smaller sizes of dab as you gradually increase them. Take great caution when handling torches and nails, as they are too hot and easily result in third-degree burns when in contact with the skin.

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