How to Wash Blankets in Easy Steps

Blankets are one of the useful things that you need every night. Some people don’t be able to spend a single night without their favourite blankets. Some people prefer to have a custom blanket for themselves. Some of the blankets are easy to clean, like to like woollen ones or the cotton ones. But all the different kinds of blankets require different kinds of cleaning methods. If you want to know the easiest method and clean your blankets, you are in the right place. So keep reading to find out more.

Wash your blankets with a hand

In most cases, people prefer to wash their clothes with their hands. Like any other clothes, people prefer to use hand most of the time to wash the blankets. But without following the main procedure, you won’t be able to clean your blanket properly. To clean your blankets properly with your hands, all you have to do is follow the steps. The steps are:

  • Fill any plastic bin with enough water. Mix some water detergent and make sure that all are mixed up together in a good way.
  • Now put the whole blanket into the water and rub the places where you feel much dust. Rub those places and try to remove them.
  • Once you think that the blanket is clean, all you have to do is remove the wastewater blanket. Don’t try to wring the material, which will cost harm to the materials.
  • Repeat the previous processes until you fill that all the water are removed.
  • Then dry to the blanket, and it is ready to use.

Wash fleece blankets

The fleece blanket is one of the things that you can understand while you use them. The more you wash them, the more you realise if the blanket is fleece or not. If you are using low-quality fleece, then you will understand that the blanket will lose its softness over time. But in the case of the real one, you won’t feel that. So if you are interested to know how to clean fleece blankets, then follow the steps below:

  • First, use the proper amount of detergent powder and make the washing machine prepare for a wash. Like other time you use soap first and insert the blanket into the washing machine. 
  • Use cold water to wash the blanket in a gentle cycle.
  • During the cycle, use a softener to make your blanket softer.
  • After completing the wash, make sure to dry the blanket in the air to make the blanket more natural and intact.

Wash wool blanket

A wool blanket is one of the blankets which comes with different washing methods. Some of the wool blankets require you to wash only in dry mode, and some require no particular method. So if you are using a wool blanket, follow the following steps to wash your blanket without damaging them.

  • If your blanket is machine washable, then you have to worry less; otherwise, you have to use your hand to wash the blanket.
  • Now put some power on the bottom of the drum.
  • Now run the washing machine with a gentle cycle and use cold water for the whole procedure.
  • After washing for about one minute, make sure to stop the washing machine so that the blanket doesn’t stretch.
  • Now place the blanket on the dry rack, and you are good to use your clean blanket.

There you have all the steps to follow while you are cleaning your favourite blankets. You can always go for the custom blankets for the best use case of you. 

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