How to Write an Essay for Competitive Exams


Are you appearing for the CSS 2022? Do you think writing essays is perhaps not your strong suit? Maybe you are better in current affairs or the other subjects but feel like you might feel when you will be attempting the essay. Well, please stop worrying! Today I will be your guide and break down the CSS essay into a more digestible and less scary task and help you achieve the best possible score you can. Of course, this is dependent on how well you follow these tips and tricks. For the CSS preparation, Read carefully from here onwards To score the best you possibly can in the CSS examination essay.

Breaking Down the CSS Essay:

First, before we break down the CSS essay, It is essential to know the basics regarding the essay. There are generally ten topics for writing the essay, and you will have to choose one out of these. You must write an in-depth essay of 2500 to 3000 words Along with an outline of the essay topic.

Here is the breakdown:

1. The framework of the CSS Essay

You may have learned this in school, but this does not make the following conventional three-part rules any less critical. The introduction, body, subtopics, and conclusion are what will make your essay organized and have a clear framework.

In the introduction, you will need first to share what your topic is. It’s always a good idea to have an enjoyable first line along with background knowledge, definitions, and context for the reader to truly understand and be immersed in the peace.

And then there is the body. This may have a multitude of paragraphs. In the body, you can look at some topics or a breakdown of points, and you can view this through different lenses or sub-context. The paragraphs with me less or more depending on your issue at hand. Whenever you pick out each section, a line introduces the point you shall be discussing and focuses on the aspect of the discussion point.

Finally, the conclusion focuses on your essay’s comprised of a sentence or two. It is vital to keep it short to maintain the cohesive nature of your writing.

2. What Is the Main Point

it is essential to know what you were writing when writing it. It may seem like an obvious point, but it is imperative when attempting the CSS essay. This means that you cannot just write mindlessly about a topic and expect a good grade. You have to come for the CSS exam 2022 and prepare the essay. This preparation includes reading newspapers, articles, books, and listening to debates. And podcasts. These will make sure you have a holistic understanding of various topics that involve current affairs and history. Reading and, subsequently, writing also helps improve your comprehension, memory, critical thinking, and knowledge of topics. It is essential to link this point with the first and third points and assign appropriate ideas to the introduction, body, topics, and subtopics. If you get this point right, your grade for the CSS can improve vastly.

3. Topics and Sub Topics

At this point, it is essential to assign appropriate rules for the topics and subtopics, making sure they are coherent and cohesive. For the issue, you need to set the main idea. This may include the gist of your argument. The subtopics can be secondary or varying ways to assess the main point. This gives value to your essay in terms of content and framing.

4. Writing Quality

Finally, your work mustn’t just focus on structure or content or subtopics but also on the quality of work that you are producing. If your peace is exquisite but lacks basic grammar, sentence structure, syntax, and Vocabulary, it will not seem impressive to the examiner, and you might lose out on valuable points. A great way to rectify this issue is by reading extensively, listening to podcasts, read informational books and watching movies, and consuming as much content as you can, all the while making sure it is educational and meaningful.


I hope this article helped you and will continue to help you in the future in terms of your CSS essay. If you follow the points thoroughly and implement them in your practice, you will hopefully score an extremely high find in your CSS essay for your CSS 2022 examination.

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