How Will Climate Change Affect Europe and Steps to Combat It?

The climate catastrophe will cause a rise in the average global temperature and often high-temperature immoderations like heatwaves which may lead to higher mortality, lower productivity and infrastructural damage especially to the most vulnerable segment of the population- infants and older people.

High temperatures also will lead to a shift in the geographical dissemination of climate sectors. The change will affect the production and distribution of animal and plant species. Climate change will also impact phenology – the lifecycle and behavioral pattern of plant and animal species which may lead to a rise in the number of pests causing increase in specific human diseases.

Higher temperature is likely to increase the evaporation of water and fall in precipitation will cause risk of extreme drought conditions. Low extreme temperature may be less common in Europe and milder cold seasons will lead to less winter deaths. 

EU Climate Action

The EU is fighting climate change with its aspiring policies in its own nation and in cooperation with global partners. It has met its target for 2020 with regards to greenhouse gas emissions reduction and has put a future plan to cut emissions by 55% by 2030. Learn more about Europe climate change and all related topics online and gain all useful information.

Europe aims to be the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. Along with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the EU also plans to adapt to the results of climate change and become a climate resilient society by 2050.

European Green Deal

Climate action is a major part of the European Green Deal- an aspiring deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions, invest in state of the art technology and innovation, and to preserve the natural environment of the continent. Visit to calculate your carbon footprint.

Some of the climate action initiatives of the deal are:

  • European Climate Law to preserve the 2050 climate-neutrality goal to European law.
  • European Climate Pack to involve residents and every society to engage in climate actions.
  • 2030 Climate Target Plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.
  • To make EU a climate resilient continent by 2050 and adapt to unavoidable climate change effects.

All the policies are to be reviewed in July, 2021 and additional goals will be set if needed. At the global level, Europe will continue to manage global negotiations to enhance the objectives of major emitters in the United Nations Climate change conference to be held in Glasgow.

Major EU regulations and policies

  • To fund climate action
  • Adapt to effects of climate change
  • Secure the ozone layer
  • Bringing down the climate-warming fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Boosting inventive low-carbon developments.
  • Promoting energy efficacy, renewable energy and EU climate policies.
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions from transportation
  • Offering firm contribution to forest and land to combat climate change.
  • National goals for sectors outside emissions like agriculture, buildings and transportation.
  • European Emissions Trading System to lower greenhouse gas emissions from the power industry and flights in the EU.

The EU is working actively with other nations to accomplish objectives of the Paris Agreement. It boosts aspiring climate action in multifaceted fora and its mutual cooperation with nations outside the EU. It is one of the top continents to lay efforts to tackle Europe climate change.

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