How You Can Transfer Your Old Phone Data To New Honor Phone 

If you want to upgrade to a new Honor phone, this post is for you. As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your sleek, shiny device, there’s a critical task at hand transferring all your precious data from your old phone. This blog post will show you just how simple it can be. Say goodbye to the days of manual data transfer and prepare for a seamless transition that will have you up and running on your new Honor phone in no time. So let’s dive in and discover the top tips for effortlessly transferring your old phone data to your brand-new Honor device!

Process of transferring your old phone data to a new honor phone

When upgrading to a new Honor phone, transferring your old phone data is one of the most important steps. This ensures you don’t lose any valuable information or memories stored on your previous device. Fortunately, transferring your old phone data to a new Honor phone is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps. 

You should make sure that both your old and new phones are charged. This will ensure that the transfer process goes smoothly and is not interrupted due to low battery levels. Once both devices are charged, you can proceed with the transfer. Here is the process for transferring your old data to a new honor phone:

Backup Your Old Phone Data

Before you bid farewell to your old phone, backup all your important data. This step is crucial as it keeps your valuable information from the transfer process. You can use various methods for backing up your data, such as using cloud storage services or utilizing backup apps specifically designed for this purpose.

Enable the device clone from the honor set.

You must locate and launch the device clone app on your new HONOR phone. To enable this, navigate to Settings > System & updates > Device Clone, then click This is the newest gadget.

Choose the type of your old phone. 

If upgrading to a new Honor phone, you can choose the old phone type. For example, you can choose if your old phone is HONOR, other Android devices, and iPhone or iPad. If your old phone is also honor, you can seamlessly transfer data through on-screen instructions to connect these two devices. 

Download and install the device clone app.

Please download and install the Device Clone app on your old device, if it is an iPhone or iPad, or another Android device. After that, click This is the old device in the app. To connect the old device to the new one, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Select the data from the old device. 

Select the data to be copied from the old device after the successful connection, then follow the interface prompts to finish the data cloning.


This article discusses some useful tips for transferring your old phone data to a new Honor phone. Following these tips, you can successfully migrate all your valuable information from an old phone onto your brand-new Honor device without losing anything in transit! Honor 90 lite спецификација will allow you to transfer data seamlessly. With the guide mentioned earlier, you can smoothly transfer your old phone data to your new Honor phone.

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