Huawei Band 3 Reviews – Test and Price

Main advantage:

The Huawei Band 3 connected bracelet contains almost all of the programs necessary for such a support tool. It embodies the complete accessory that will be really useful to you on a daily basis. Plus, once understood, it’s easy to use and if you want to buy huawei band 3e black than we recommending you to a site you can check site by clicking on the highlighted link.

Main disadvantage:

The user manual is not practical and does not fully explain all the features. Also, it is in English, and even the information provided on the manufacturer’s official website which is mention in  upper paragraph.

Main Features Explained

Design and ergonomics

  • The Chinese manufacturer is targeting all categories of potential consumers by manufacturing the Huawei Band 3 connected bracelet. The approach begins with the colors in which the object appears: black for the majority of people, gold for those who want to stand out, and pink for young people or great ladies.
  • The silicone part for the bracelet itself provides a comfortable feeling when it squeezes your wrist. At the same time, the metallic aspect of the structure gives it a certain class. Whichever color you choose, the bracelet seems to fit any style of dress, whether you are dressed in formal attire or with your sports gear.
  • When it comes to use, its 0.95 inch touchscreen shows countless information resulting from the various active and functional apps at the time of use. However, care must be taken to use it carefully, as the assembly is quite fragile in the event of aggressive handling. Likewise, tightness quickly finds its limits in showers that are too hot.


Huawei did not want to play by half measures by producing the Band 3 Pro model. It all starts with the Amoled touchscreen which presents the applications in a clear manner for such a screen size. Then, thanks to an integrated and dedicated GPS for this single use, you can follow your performance in real time during the exercises you perform. Using the bracelet is also quite easy, with an intuitive interface that is simple to navigate and program. Another advantage announced by the manufacturer, its 5ATM certified waterproofing allows you to use it in swimming practice or any other nautical or aquatic activity, with a possibility of submersion of 50 meters. Be careful, however, not to force too much, knowing that some models could not withstand a simple shower, certainly too hot. For the less sporty side, this bracelet allows you to continue living your daily life with Bluetooth technology. This allows you to receive various notifications from your Smartphone, such as incoming calls, texts or e-mail. On the other hand, Bluetooth is always connected permanently.


The Huawei Band 3 Pro is certainly one of the most complete connected accessories in its category. There are many applications installed there, and it is up to you to select and activate the one that suits you as needed. For example, you can enjoy heart rate monitoring with Huawei’s Truseen 3.0 app. The smart sensor in this app allows you to track your heartbeat in real time. In addition, the dedicated GPS allows you to perform and monitor the evolution of your performance in terms of physical activities. Like a sports coach attached to your wrist, the connected bracelet has several configurations. You will be able to select your favorite activity from a whole list: running indoors or on real terrain, walking on treadmill or outdoors, hiking, cycling, swimming and much more. In addition, the various applications that you already know on your Smartphone are also found on the Band 3, in order to allow you to stay connected to your daily life, and not to lose the course of your professional life, among other things.


  • Nowadays, connected bracelets have become a real essential piece for everyone. Appreciated mainly by athletes, they can indeed identify and provide all the information relating to the physical activities that you perform.
  • Given the high level of technology, you will be able to count the number of steps you take from your home to your office, the number of heartbeats or pulsations you produce during a run or intense physical activity, or still your best performance for four lengths of the pool.
  • In addition, the operation of these accessories on Android allows you to pair it with your Smartphone, to be able to record the information collected during your exercises if necessary, in order to follow the evolution of your performances, and to correct if necessary.
  • In this regard, the connected bracelet from Huawei gives you real time data relating to your state of health during your activity. This will help you know if you can still put in more effort, or if it is time to take it easy, at the risk of straining your heart by forcing it to pulse more than it is capable of.


At the time of purchase, you will have a package containing the following items. In the first place, of course, it will be the Huawei Band 3 pro bracelet itself. Depending on your choice of color, you will have it in black, gold or pink. Depending on your mode of use or your personality, discretion will play a lot in favor of this trendy accessory, knowing that it adapts well to any wrist morphology. Then you will find a charging cable, because in order to operate the machine requires a battery. Fortunately, with almost two weeks of battery life, you won’t have to resort to it often. In addition, a charging stand is also provided in the package. It will be especially useful for you when charging to place the bracelet. Finally, you will also find a user manual. However, you will need to complete the missing information by visiting the Internet.

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