Huawei Watch GT: A new beginning

Huawei Watch GT is a full-bodied update of the most recent Watch 2. Beyond the hardware innovations, noteworthy is the company’s decision to abandon Google’s Wear operating system in favor of proprietary software, Lite OS, with which to have greater control and optimize consumption when necessary. Not surprisingly, being able to better set the performance according to the uses, Huawei claims to have achieved better autonomy on board the newborn smart watch, which users will be able to notice over time. It is no coincidence that the watch, equipped with a 420 MAH battery, allows up to 30 days of life in watch mode (GPS, heart rate monitoring, messages and calls disabled), two weeks in normal mode (for a total of 90 minutes of heart rate tracking) and 22 hours of continuous use, including GPS tracking. In this article we are introducing HUAWEI WATCH GT review so read full article carefully;

All about the Huawei Watch GT


  • As for the design, we have a stainless steel case that brings the thickness to 10.6 mm and the height to 46.5 mm The AMOLED screen measures 1.39 inches and has a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. In short, the dimensions remain more or less those of the past although there are important innovations on board. Almost all of them point to the sporty aspect of the smart watch, thanks to the sensors and pre-installed apps.
  • Through the new heart rate monitor, Huawei Watch GT can better monitor fitness and moments of stress, recording trends locally and alerting in case of prolonged conditions of malaise or excessive effort. Returning to sport, there are various types of training, including running, cycling, swimming, hiking and walking. There is no lack of sleep detection and an ecosystem aimed at improving relaxation developed together with Harvard Medical School.
  • The result is a kind of health assistant that displays notifications with peculiar advice on relaxation methods. The smart watch, although it no longer hosts Wear OS but Lite OS, remains compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones, also thanks to the Huawei Health app.
  • The touchscreen is surrounded by two buttons on the right side that help navigate the interface. The top button allows you to go back to the menu, while the bottom one is designed to set various shortcuts. The design is very similar to the Huawei Watch 2 and aesthetically it is a combination of ceramic and metal. There is always the option to choose a silver body with a brown leather strap (which has silicone inside to make it comfortable) or black with a silicone strap of the same shade.


Maybe there will come a day when Lite OS can really compete with Wear OS but that time is still far away. There is no support for third-party apps and therefore at the moment what you can use of the watch is what is above, already installed, without the possibility of customizing the experience with additional software. Of course, there are applications for every type of basic operation, from the telephone, messaging, and fitness side, but for example there is no Google Pay (given the absence of NFC), as well as the lack of controls multimedia, for many of the platforms available today. However, much strength remains, such as True Seen 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology, which records the heartbeat both during rest and activity. The presence of dedicated hardware and Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow you to track the heartbeat in real time and with extreme precision.

Watch GT review                        

  1. Perhaps ‘GT’ is a name that is not in keeping with the true nature of the Huawei Watch GT. But the essence is that this smart watch seems the result of a great reflection on the part of Huawei, which has finally taken a step back and started all over again to think about its flagship wearable.
  2. Huawei Watch GT is a smart watch in name only, because in fact it is a very powerful fitness tracker. And Huawei shows that not only hardware is needed to make a complete product, but also the ecosystem (albeit small) that is created around it.
  3. With an autonomy that reaches 10 days without too many problems, with 90 minutes of recorded workouts, for the functionalities this Watch GT does not focus so much on the hardware (which is excellent but not out of the ordinary) as on the software, starting from easy association with the smartphone (the test was performed in tandem with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro ) managed through the Huawei Health app which, for the occasion, is finally transformed: an advanced control center, abandoning the guise of mere imitation of Google Fit and Apple Health on iPhone.
  4. Now, with the Huawei TruSeen technology there is a precise detection of the heartbeat and therefore a real-time calculation of the relative effort, as well as an estimate of the complete recovery time from the end of the training; with Huawei TruSleep 2.0 , in collaboration with Harvard Medical School CDB Center, you have an accurate detection of sleep and its qualitative parameters and, in a moment, you can know if and how much you slept well, without too many specifications (but taking into account of all the phases of sleep explained in detail); with the 3 GPS satellites , the detection of the location is precise and the coupling is quick.
  5. The interface is simple: the first screen is interchangeable and there are a dozen options available, while the other screens give a view on weather conditions, heart rate in real time and daily activity situation, with parameters on standing times during the day, the minutes of minimum physical activity and the steps taken.
  6. The smartwatch part of the Huawei Watch GT is basically composed of the possibility of receiving notifications of all the apps from the smartphone, but it makes little sense to do so, since no notification is operable: it is only a mirroring, which indeed could be counter-productive and unproductive.

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