I Believe That Everybody Wants to Live up to 100 Years Old

Heredity may be one of the factors that cause us to live longer.. However, the significant reason causing us to live longer actually is a lifestyle that is both appropriate and proper.

 If you don’t know how to start taking care of yourself. Let’s. Listen to Dr Amp as he’s, giving some tips now., Hello, everyone.! Welcome to today’s, Health Talk and it’s time to Ask the Doctor by Dr Amp.

 Today, let’s. Comfortably talk about natural things Free Credit We’ve talked about mental health in many episodes.. We also concurrently talk about it in many weeks., As I mentioned earlier, Living a longer life with high quality.

Isn’t easy thing to do, but it’s, not undoable.. We can see that many people can live up to 70 90 years old., But every ten years that we’re growing older. We have fewer friends because we have lost someone along the journey.

I said earlier in the last episode that, as for physical health, I’ll, summarize it here for those who didn’t watch the last episode. As for our human health, I had been everywhere to study several kinds of medical science.

 When I recently graduated, I had been the United Kingdom, Italy, the USA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I had been everywhere that opens the teaching course.. I’ve learned a lot until I want to know how to slow down ageing and death with the highest quality.

When I recently graduated, I believed that what I had learned was the best of all.. One of my professors told me once that if a person’s, blood result we’ve checked, since previous episodes is excellent from top to toe this person should live up to 100 years old.

 I also believed that. From that day. I always determined to do so. Many years passed. Some patients who never had a good blood result started improving their blood result and succeeded in every part.

Until one day, a patient whose blood result was excellent from top to toe and passed in everything. Finally, died. That day triggered me to think that what I had learned from several textbooks may not be equal to 100 % or 100 years old.

It didn’t match what the professor said.. It may not be like what my professor said., So I start studying more about mental health. In many episodes in the beginning we ‘ Ve talked about physical health.

I already mentioned that among those passing years I had ordained and learned many things., So I continue studying more. I didn’t believe this knowledge in the past.. As for present teenagers, they aren’t interested in religion, goodness merit morality and many things.

Don’t forget that these topics are necessary and very crucial.. Otherwise, it won’t stay with Thai society for more than 100 or 1000 years.. I’ve changed my attitude. When I’ve treated all physical problems, which I believe is the best way.

I decrease its significance from 100 % to 90, 80 and 70.. It’s still important, but there’re, more details about it., So nowadays …. I’d, like to present a theory which is going to be off-topic, but it’s still related to the topic.

We’re talking.. As for a theory of healthy life, I will assess human’s, life as 100 %. Every human should live up to 100 years old according to nature.. All of what I’ve done are called medical science.

I assume this side as physical health. Nowadays. As for physical treatment, I assume that it’s. Only 40 % left. 40 % is from a medical treatment for liver, kidneys, entrails, etc. We can take medication to cure the deteriorated organs.

For this 40 %. A doctor is an assistant who will coach and help you improve health. As you do nothing. The doctor will help improve your weight and body. As for another 60 %. I’d like to present this theory, which is called mental health.

So physical health has already taken up 40 % of the theory.. This is what I always tell my patients that coming to see me or doing everything. According to my suggestions, for example, take vitamins and eat all healthy foods may not cause you to have longevity.

After comparison, it’s, just only the first step like a bachelor degree.. So, firstly, you should have less fat and be robust together with healthy bones, brain and body.. At this point, I’d, like to add that, after having been ordained there’s must be a key behind the secret of having longevity without taking any vitamins.

Luckily, I had a chance to examine many admirable monks and get into details.. What I’ve overlooked is called mental health.. Don’t, be puzzled., 40 % is physical, health and 60 % is mental health.. It means that the mind is far beyond the body.

And this side. I’d, say that there’s, no medication to help cure it. According to Buddhism. It ‘ S said that the mind is to let go and not be stressed.. It may be hard for laity like us who still work, have family, be in a family and be responsible for lots of work.

It’s hard to let things go.. Let’s. Go into details to understand this 60 % of mental health.. It can be simply divided into four topics as follows: stress sleep, eating referring to eating by mouth and breathing in by nose and exercise.

My theory can be divided into these four topics, because the mind can control them. There’s; no medication to improve your effort. There’s; no medication to improve your sleep. There’s; no medication to release your stress.

If you can take care of each 15 % on this side and 40 % of this side too, you can surely live up to 100 years. Old. Many patients of mine are nearly 100 years old.. They still drive a car by themselves.

It’s. Really important to mention in this episode that these four topics are so significant.. You should start with the easiest thing.. We’ll talk about this later., So I’d, like to explain more that you should take a good care of your body and mind.

Firstly, start with exercise., 15 % means 15 years started by exercise., 15 % is for national athletes. So you should assess your capability.. If you only exercise a little bit, it’ll be 5-10 %.

Secondly, eating. You are what you eat If you eat too much, you’ll become too fat. The fatter. You are the earlier you die. And you should breathe in the fresh air.. Thirdly, sleep. I’ll emphasize that sleep is a personal issue, because if you are too stressed, you will keep thinking and can’t sleep.

If you aren’t stressed you’ll sleep tight., It’s, really important that we need to understand the knowledge of this part.. Lastly, it’ll end at this topic stress.. So all of these is the theory of living up to 100 years old.

I’ll name this episode as’The Secret of Living Up To 100 Years Old’with high quality, without riding a wheelchair, without being bedridden, without inserting urinary, catheter tools and without being a burden for grandchildren.

This topic is long and complicated., So it needs time to talk. It’s, not easy to understand, but it’s so worthy to know and to do as such.. In fact, it affects your body much more than you know.. So next week we’ll continue talking about mental health.

Mental health is everything that we have to improve it by ourselves., A doctor can’t improve it. Your parents and children can’t help too., So it’s time to leave now. Next week. Don’t forget to watch us in the second episode of’The Secret of Living Up to 100 years Old’with me, Dr Amp.


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